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Continental 1933



1933 Continental Beacon Five Passenger Four-Door Sedan

4 (4 cyl., 143.1, 40 h.p.; wb: 101½ in.)
C-600 (6 cyl., 169.9, 65 h.p.; 107 in.)
Big 6 (6 cyl., 214.7, 85 h.p.; 114 in.)

DeVaux was taken over by Continental Motors Corporation in February 1932. Continental then tried to make a go of the company and renamed the cars De Vaux Continental.

In addition to the Beacon, Continental offer two sixes, the Flyer and the Ace, for 1933 only. The Beacon is advertised as America's lowest-priced full-sized car.

1933 Continental Beacon 2-Passenger Roadster

1933 Continental Beacon Commercial Coupé