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Cord 1930


L-29 (8 cyl., 298.6, 115 h.p.; wb: 137½ in.) 
  Phaeton Sedan


Powstała w ubiegłym roku marka należy do koncernu Auburn Automobile Company, skupiającego ponadto firmy Auburn, Duesenberg i producenta silników Lycominga. W ofercie znajduje się model L-29 z napędzającym przednie koła, rzędowym 8 cylindrowym silnikiem Lycominga o pojemności 4934 cm³ i mocy 125 KM. Nadwozia wykonywane są indywidualnie.


Particulars of an interesting newcomer from America which provides another example of Frcnt Wheel Drive
MENTION has been made in the Press, from time to time, of an f.w.d. Auburn, and we are now able, to state that the first examples of this model have arrived in England.
The appearance of the new car, which is called the Cord, is somewhat different from the rear wheel drive models. It is considerably lower, with a vee radiator, below which is a domed metal cover concealing the drive mechanism. The front axle is a stout steel tube, forked at each end, which curves round in front of this cover, and takes load through two quarter elliptic springs one above the other, mounted on each side of the chassis frame, and pointing forward.
The power unit is an eight cylinder side by side Lycoming, 33.8 R.A.C. rating, similar to that fitted to the largest Auburn chassis. The engine is offset in the frame in order to clear the steering column, which is now being shifted to the right hand side for the English market. Power is transmitted through a three speed gearbox to the bevel driven differential, brake drums being mounted one on each side of this, and short shafts take the drive through universal joints to the stub axles. These axles are carried by stirrups pivoted in the fork ends of the front axle, and projecting arms on the stirrups are connected by the usual tie rod.
The universal joints at the inside ends of the short shafts are of normal type, but those between the shafts and stub axles are of special type designed to give constant velocity to the wheels on a turn. This feature permits the car to be turned in a 21ft. radius circle, which is exceptional for an 11ft, chassis. The steering pivots are almost vertical, and the absence of brake drums permits them to be of great length, and practically in the centre of the front wheels.
Since the chassis frame does not have to clear a rear drive axle and differential casing, it sweeps back in a straight line from the engine to the rear end, and allows the rear seats to be mounted at the same level as those in front. A light back axle and long semi elliptic springs are fitted. The standard chassis length is 11ft 5½in.; providing ample platform space for closed coachwork.
Auburn and Cord cars are handled in England by Sinclair Motor Concessions Ltd., 2, Mill Street, Conduit Street, W.1., who also run a well equipped service station at Gunnersbury.

Motor Sport, March 1930


Cord L 29

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