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Crossley 1931

Super Six    
Golden – new model  
10 HP – new model  

Great Britain

The 20.9 in 1931 got a revised chassis and changed its name to the Golden. Four body styles are listed: £1050 for the limousine, £1075 for the enclosed landaulette and £795 for the aero or the fabric saloon. The long wheel base variants became known as the Super Six.
The big news from Crossley came in 1931 at the Olympia Motor Show, to enter the small car market with a 10hp model designed by W T Wishart. The 1120cc engine is not a Crossley design, coming from Coventry Climax, and features overhead inlet and side exhaust valves.


10 HP

    4 cyl.
1122 cc
38 bhp




    6 cyl.
1991 cc


Super Six and Golden

    6 cyl.
3198 cc

Crossley offeres this six-wheeled saloon for 'colonial' use. lt is powered by a six-cylinder 3.5-Litre engine, which drives both rear axles ('tandem drive'). Note the wire-spoke wheels and the fabric body.




Pos. Event No. Model Driver
Entries and results:
  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
16-21.01.1931 Rallye Monte Carlo 1 23rd