Classic Car Catalogue

Crosley 1940




Coupé-Sedan - Exterior appearance same on two models, two passenger convertible Coupé, four passenger convertible sedan. Choice of colors, blue or gray. Cream color available at slight additional cost.
Station Wagon - Station body is constructed of maple plywood with heavy frame of solid maple, natural wood finish. Overall length 134¾”, width 47¼”, height 59½” with inside dimensions : 45” long, 43¼” wide, 39” high. Approximate capacity 44 ½ cubic feet, wheel base 80”, tread 40" front and rear. Weight 1050 pounds. While car will go faster, recommended cruising speed is 40 M.P.H.
Parkway Delivery - All metal delivery body is ruggedly constructed providing 32 cubic feet of carrying space. Inside dimensions of parcel compartment 42” wide, 38” high, 34” long. Sliding door 34” by 19” is full length with locking handle. Overall length is 120” bumper to bumper, height 56”, width 47”. Wheel base 80”. Tread 40” front and rear. Goodrich Tires 4.25x12. Road clearance 7 ½”.

Dash Board Equipment - Flush-type glove box, speedometer, oil gauge, ammeter, light switch, choke, ignition lock and panel for special Crosley auto radio. Has rear vision mirror and electric windshield wiper. Standard bumper front and rear. Honest to goodness one man top. Floor of car is steel covered with rubber mats.


Coupé, Sedan




Station Wagon


Waukesha Motor – Air cooled, two cylinder (opposed cylinders-airplane type), four cycle, L-head design engine mounted on rubber, easy to reach through crocodile type hood, develops 13.5 horsepower. Bore 3", Stroke 23/4', Displacement 38.87 cu. in. S.A.E. rated horsepower 7.2. Crankcase oil filter. 2 qts. oil. Gas tank 4 ¼ gal. Full pressure lubrication. No water pumps or belts. No high priced antifreeze solutions needed in wintertime.
Tillotson Carburetor - Down-draft carburetor of special design is equipped with combination air silencer and cleaner.
Spicer Rear Axle - Exceptionally strong and ruggedly built axle with spiral bevel and differential of conventional type is offered in the gear ratios: 5.55 to 1, 5.14 to 1, and 4.7 to 1.
Rockford Clutch - Single dry-plate type is the last word in engineering design. Clutch is operated with throwout bearings that need no attention .
Murray Body - Manufactured from heavy standard body gauge steel. Presents unusual sturdiness for its weight. Murray frame is constructed of channel sections ruggedly welded.
Hawley Four-wheel Brakes - Adequate braking to stop a car four times its weight. Neutral shoe, cable operated, the latest type used on modern airplanes. Light, highly efficient, positive, and novel in that they have no riveted linings. Using both sides of the lining gives an equivalent to 700 degrees of braking, twice the possible braking surface of ordinary two-shoe brakes. They can be relined simply by removing wheel and inserting length of lining in drums. Anyone can do it. There is no riveting. An example of the simplicity of the Crosley car design.
Ross Steering - Cam and lever type with wheel of molded rubber. Driver's seat is adjustable.
Delco-Lovejoy Shock Absorbers - Four shock absorbers provide smooth acting spring control. Two front springs semi-elliptic, two rear one quarter elliptic with rubber shackles and spring bearings.
Autolite Equipment - Conventional starter, distributor and other electrical equipment by Autolite. Standard S.A.E. No. 31 battery is 13 plate, 6 volt, 85 ampere hour. Coil ignition with automatic spark advance, standard Bendix head. Direct drive generator; no belt required. Head lights with bright, dim and parking positions. Sparton electric horn with button on steering post. Has dash light, tail light and stop light.
Warner Transmission - Conventional type of sliding gear transmission with three speeds forward and reverse. Direct drive from rubber mounted floating power plant through torque tube to the rear axle without use of universal joints, a unique feature in the Crosley car. Road shocks of rear wheels not transmitted to engine.
Timken Bearings - Both front and rear axles are equipped with Timken tapered roller bearings.