Classic Car Catalogue

Daimler 1935

15 R6 cyl. ohv 2003 cc wb: 9ft. 1½in.  
20 R6 cyl. ohv 2687 cc wb: 10ft. 4in.  
25 R8 cyl. ohv 3746 cc wb: 11ft. 10in.  
40 V12 cyl. sleeve valve 5296 cc wb: 12ft. 3½in. – discontinued
50 V12 cyl. sleeve valve 6511 cc wb: 12ft. 3½in. – discontinued
Double Six V12 cyl. ohv 6511 cc wb: 13ft. 1in.  
Light 20 6 cyl. ohv 2565 cc wb: 9ft. 6in. – July
Light Straight 8 8cyl. ohv 3421 cc wb: 10ft. 3in. – October
4½-Litre Straight 8 8cyl. ohv 4624 cc wb: 11ft. 10in. – October

Great Britain

The complete Daimler range for 1935 comprises five 15 HP models (45-bhp 2003-cc Six, wb 9 ft 1½ in. £450 - £475), three 20 HP models (59-bhp 2687-cc Six. wb 10 ft 4 in, £695-£795), two 25 HP Straight Eight models (89-bhp 3746-cc Eight, wb 11 ft 10 in, £1495-£1515), one 40 HP chassis (105-bhp 5296-cc V12, wb 12 ft 3½ in) and one 50 HP chassis (132-bhp 6511-cc V12, wb 12 ft 3½ in). The last two has sleeve-valve engines: all others has pushrod-operated overhead valves. All models has Fluid Flywheel with pre-selective four-speed gearbox.
Maharajah of Jamnaga had bought 3 Daimler Straight-Eights and 13 Lanchesters.
50 hp and 25 HP for the King George V and another 50 HP for the Queen Mary.







Straight Eight 25 HP


Double Six


Daimler Royal Double-Six. 30th state car used by King George V was ordered in July 1934 and delivered in April this year. It is yhe first Royal 12 cylinder Daimler with pushrod rather than sleeve valve engine.

Double Six (July 1935)