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Daimler 1941

Scout Car          
Armoured Car wb: 8ft. 6in.        

Great Britain

Another bombing in April destroyed half of the Factory. However since May 1940 Daimler has been setting up 'emergency units' away from the main depot and some 16.000 workes carry on production of the Scout Car and other armaments.
The Armoured Car is a larger version of the Scout Car equipped with six-cylinder 4095 cc 95 bhp engine. First prototypes were ready in 1939 but problems with the transmission caused by the weight of the vehicle delayed service entry until mid-1941.
A few armoured Straght-Eights were built for public figures including Winston Churchill. Two of them were Limousines for the King George VI.

Daimler Armoured Car

Daimler Armoured Car