Classic Car Catalogue

Darmont 1935

l'Etoile de France (V2 cyl, 1062 cm³)
l'Aérolux (V2 cyl, 1089 cm³)
V-Junior (V2 cyl, 1089 cm³)


After building the English Morgan licensed cars in late 1926 Darmont brothers launched their own construction of three wheel cycle car. For 1935, the firm offers two models: l'Etoile de France designed two years earlier and newly created Type 3 VB Aérolux. Both has independent front suspension and 2-cylinder V engine of 1100 cc, cooled by air or water. The l'Etoile de France costs 6 950 F and l'Aérolux 8900 F. Besides these models with three wheels reaching 110 km/h, Darmont launched a new four-wheel V-Junior, which gets the mechanics of Aérolux and the grille and the front part of the bodywork; it costs 10 850 F.

Air cooled l'Etoile de France.

The new four wheel V-Junior.

The water-cooled Aérolux.