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De Soto 1960



4 reasons why you must drive the 1960 De Soto.
No single component alone is responsible for the thrilling performance of the 1960 De Soto. There are dozens-perhaps hundreds-of precision mechanisms working together every time you press the accelerator. Of these many parts and systems, four are of special interest:
1.Torsion-Aire Ride. The torsion-bar suspension has been used for some years on racing cars and on many European sports cars because it is ideal for safe handling on bad roads, around sharp turns, and for fast stops. First brought to U.S. motorists three years ago, Torsion-Aire Ride has been refined and improved each year. It maintains a clear superiority over old-fashioned coil spring systems. It is the most rugged suspension system on any high-performance automobile. And it's exclusive on De Soto in its field. Torsion-Aire makes your De Soto corner flat and steady, free from lean or sway ... makes it stop straight without nose dive . . . start without rear-end dip. And for your own personal comfort, it is the most luxurious ride in any automobile at any price.
2. High-Performance Engines. De Soto's rugged, precision-built engines range the high-performance spectrum. You may choose the Turboflash, Adventurer, Adventurer Mark I, or the mighty Ram Charge Engine. Each has been quality-engineered for a particular purpose. Each combines a high degree of performance and economy. All 1960 De Soto engines have a new steel spring rear mount which greatly reduces engine noise and vibration.
3. Torqueflite Transmission. Proved dependable in action, De Soto's three-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission converts engine power into "go” power at the touch of a button-quickly, efficiently, and came smoothly than ever before. Gives you the "jump" you need for entering fast-moving traffic and more flexible operation in congested city driving.
4. Rear Axle Ratios. De Soto offers you a choice of two axle ratio- "high-performance" ratio and an "economy" ratio. You can order the rear axle ratio that fits your kind of driving best.

TURBOFLASH V8 cyl, 361,
2-barrel carb
– standard on all Fireflite models
ADVENTURER V8 cyl, 383,
2-barrel carb
– standard on all Adventurer models
4-barrel carb
– optional on all Adventurer and Fireflite models
POWER CHARGE V8 cyl, 383,
dual 4-barrel carb., cross-over ram-induction manifold, high-performance camshaft and distributor
– optional on all Adventurer models
SYNCHROMESH 3-speed manual shift – on special request only on Fireflite
POWERFLITE 2-speed fully automatic – optional on Fireflite
TORQUEFLITE 3-speed fully automatic – standard on Adventurer, optional on Fireflite



wb: 122 in. V8 2-bbl.
V8 4-bbl.
V8 2x4-bbl.
4 Door Sedan std. opt. opt.
4 Door Hardtop std. opt. opt.
2 Door Hardtop Coupé std. opt. opt.


Adventurer Hardtop Sedan

Adventurer 2-Door Hardtop

Adventurer Hardtop

Adventurer Sedan



wb: 122 in. V8 2-bbl.
V8 4-bbl.
4 Door Sedan std. opt.
4 Door Hardtop std. opt.
2 Door Hardtop Coupé std. opt.


Fireflite Sedan

Fireflite Hardtop Coupé

Fireflite Hardtop Sedan


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