Classic Car Catalogue

Fairthorpe 1969

Electron Minor wb: 2080 mm 4 cyl., 1296 cc, 75 bhp  
TX-GT Mk II wb: 2110 mm 4 cyl., 1998 cc, 104 bhp  
TX-S wb: 2110 mm 6 cyl., 1998 cc, 112 bhp  
TX-SS wb: 2110 mm 6 cyl., 1998 cc, 140 bhp  

Great Britain

Fairthorpe is one of those tiny automakers in England that would not be viable in any other country, but operate quite happily there and even amazingly active. The company has existed since the mid-fifties. It has always used exclusively plastic bodies and delivers their cars mainly as self-assembly kits. This system makes sense in England because one can avoid the enormously high sales tax.