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Fiat 1932

514 - discontinued
508 Balilla - new model


Although Fiat cars have played a conspicuous part in motor racing history, it is some years since the Fiat Company marketed a model which could justly be placed in the sports category. For 1932, however, they have placed a Super Sports Tourer" in their list. This is a car with a six-cylinder side-valve engine of 19.3 h.p. It has battery-and-coil ignition, a vertical carburettor fed by mechanical pump, and a four-speed gearbox with a silent third. The frame is low slung, and this feature coupled with its excellent suspension is stated to give it extraordinarily good road holding qualities. Fully loaded its maximum speed exceeds 70 m.p.h., and it is capable of a comfortable 55 m.p.h. in third gear.
The remainder of the range consists of the popular 10-30 h.p. four-cylinder type with a wide choice of coachwork, and the six-cylinder 19.3 h.p. in varied form. The price of the "Super Sports Tourer" in £410.
Manufacturers' address : Fiat (England) Ltd., Western Avenue, Acton, London, W.3.

Motor Sport, October 1931, Models for 1932

Nowy model 508 został zaprezentowany w kwietniu w Mediolanie. Zastępuje on popularny 514. Ma czterocylindrowy silnik i trzybiegową skrzynię przekładniową z synchronizacją trzeciego biegu.
508 S został zaprojektowany przez firmę Ghia w dwóch wersjach: Coppa d'Oro i Mille Miglia. Pierwszy z nich ma pełne błotniki przednich kół, drugi małe osłony typu motocyklowego.



514 (1438 ccm, 28 KM; wb: 2560 mm)
514 L (1438 ccm, 28 KM; wb: 2560 mm)
514 S (1438 ccm, 35 KM; wb: 2560 mm)
514 MM (1438 ccm, 37 KM; wb: 2560 mm)
514 CA (1438 ccm; wb: 2560 mm)



515 (1438 ccm, 28 KM; 2580 mm)
515 T (R4 cyl, 1438 ccm, 28 KM, 2870 mm)



522 C (R6 cyl, 2516 ccm, 52 KM; 2775 mm)
522 L (R6 cyl, 2516 ccm, 52 KM; 3070 mm)
522 S (R6 cyl, 2516 ccm, 65 KM; 2800 mm) - new model

522 S Sport-Sedan
Motor Sport October 1932

LAST year the Fiat Company re-entered the sports car market with an extremely smart sports tourer on the 20-60 chassis. As a result of experience gained during the year, the engine and chassis have been modified for 1933, with a consequent increase in power and road-holding ability.
The basic design of the engine remains unaltered, and employs six cylinders of 72 mm. bore and 103 mm. stroke, giving a capacity of 2,516 c.c. Side-by-side valves are used with the sparking plugs accessible in the centre of the head. Ignition is by coil and the distributor is mounted vertically on top of the engine. Advance and retard is automatic, with a further movement controllable by hand.
The single vertical 35 mm. Solex carburettor has been replaced by two horizontal instruments of the same size bolted on to short pipes leading to the induction ports, a balance pipe joining the two. Petrol is drawn from a 12 gallon rear tank by an A.C. pump driven off the camshaft.
The gearbox is mounted in unit with the engine, and power is transmitted by a single dry-plate clutch. The gearbox embodies a silent third gear, followed by a free-wheel, the first we can recall fitted to a production sports car. The roller and inclined plane principle is used, a sleeve on the gearbox primary shaft which is provided with cams forcing the rollers into contact with a drum on the propellor shaft when not required.
An open transmission shaft is used, fitted with metal universal joints at each end, and power is conveyed to the road wheels through a spiral bevel back axle.
The Super-Sports Fiat is available with a short four-seater body by Viotti of Turin and has the graceful lines one associates with the continental sports car. The windscreen folds down and is fitted with dual wipers. For 1933 a pillarless saloon is also listed, overcoming the usual defect of difficulty of entry which is so often met with on sports saloons.
We look forward to publishing a road-test of this interesting car in the near future.
The price of the sports tourer is £585, and the saloon sells at £645.


524 C (R6 cyl, 2516 ccm, 52 KM; 3070 mm)
524 L (R6 cyl, 2516 ccm, 52 KM; 3230 mm)

524 Cabriolet Spider


508 Balilla

508 (R4 cyl, 995 ccm, 20KM; 2250 mm)
508 S (R4 cyl, 995 ccm 24 KM; 2250 mm)
508 M (R4 cyl, 995 ccm, 20 KM; 2250 mm)

508 Militare





  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
10.04.1932 Mille Miglia   28 13 3 Gilera / Sartori 514 MM 1400 cc 26th VU 1st
          6 Wührer / Ricci 514 MM 1400 cc 28th VU 2nd
          19 Di Vecchio / Fioretti 514 MM 1400 cc 30th VU 3rd
          36 Losa / Rangoni 509S 1000 cc 39th S→1.1 2nd
          35 Tibida / Porticelli 509S 1000 cc 40th S→1.1 3rd
08.05.1932 Targa Florio 2 1 0 15 De Maria 509 S 1.0   fail.

509 S (Vincenzo Sciandra - Michele Tornatore) at Traga Florio.

  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
01.1932  Rallye Monte Carlo     1 24  Moccia   19th