Classic Car Catalogue

Fiat 1971

850 - discontinued
850 Coupé - facelift in March and discontinued
850 Spider

124 Sport Coupé
124 Sport Spider
Dino Spider
Dino Coupé
127 - Geneva
130 Coupé - Geneva
128 Sport Coupé - Turin
ESV 2500 - prototype


500: £526 (incl. P.T.)
500L: £573 (incl. P.T.)
The comprehensive Fiat range starts with the little 500, which is a real baby car and enormous value for money, besides being tremendous fun to drive. It will take four adults as long as they are very good friends, but the engine is only 499 c.c. so they should not expect scintillating performance. With just the front seats occupied, the 500L is quite capable of keeping up with normal traffic and doing it with 50 m.p.g. plus economy. Rear engine of course, nicely finished interior, sunshine roof as standard, and you can park it on a sixpence (or 2½p).
FIAT 127
£799 (incl. P.T.)
The 127 is a completely new car which looks as though it belongs in the small car class but has the performance and interior space of a medium range car. It's one of the new breed of Fiats in having front-wheel drive and a transverse engine/transmission layout, but the gearbox (unlike the British Mini) is completely separate and has its own lubrication system. Fiat say the 903 c.c. engine can stand a wide margin of over-revving. It is certainly an extremely lively and agile car, comfortable, safe and up-to-the-minute in its engineering.
Estate: £996 (incl. P.T.)
Fiat really do make a profusion of small/medium cars and the 128 is a highly important member of the family. It was the first car from the Turin factory to have its engine mounted transversely at the front, and it is a 1116 c.c. overhead camshaft unit which seems to thrive on being revved. Mix in a super little gearbox, light steering and good brakes and you have all the ingredients of an extremely pleasant car. There are three versions - two-door, four-door, and estate - besides the recently announced Rally 1300, which is an Italian bomb capable of around 95 m.p.h.
£ 1,177 (incl. P.T.)
Definitely a car for the enthusiast, this one is yet another of the myriad of permutations that Fiat carry out on their square-cut family saloon. This time they have put a slightly detuned version of the 1438 c.c. twin-cam engine from the coupe into the saloon bodyshell, and the result is a very fast car which seems to revel in being driven with verve - or 'con brio' as they say. The standard 124 with 1197 c.c. engine continues and there is the intermediate 124S with 1438 c.c. pushrod unit. The Special T, with comprehensive equipment, tops the bunch.
FIAT 124 1600 COUPÉ
£1,747 (incl. P.T.)
Basically five years old, but vastly improved these days and still the equal of any four-seater coupe for looks, besides being the peer of many for enjoyable performance. The engine is a crisp, 1608 c.c. unit that develops 110 b.h.p., and there is a five-speed gearbox which is a pleasure to use. There are servo-assisted disc brakes all round, and very full equipment including a good selection of instruments to keep you well informed. A 1,438 c.c. engine developing 90 b.h.p. is an alternative, and both give 100 m.p.h. performance.
FIAT 130
Price to be announced
Way up at the top of the Fiat range is the luxury 130 saloon, now to be available in right-hand-drive form for wealthy, discerning motorists. It takes a big cheque to buy this one, but you get a 3.2 litre V6 engine that develops 165 b.h.p., automatic transmission, power steering and a whole load of other goodies, such as air conditioning. Since it first appeared, the 130 has come in for considerable revision and the interior has been re-designed. One of its outstanding features is the room available for passengers, who ride in extreme comfort on independent suspension.

127 - premiera w marcu. Silnik 903 pochodzi z 850-ki. Koła zawieszone niezależnie, z przodu hamulce tarczowe.
128 Rally - Genewa
130 Coupé - Genewa . Napędzany 165-konnym silnikiem V6 o pojemności 3235 cm³. Nadwozie projektu Pininfarina.
130 - nowy silnik 3,2 l. o mocy 165 KM i modernizacja wnętrza.
128 Sport Coupé - premiera w Turynie. Silniki 1100 lub 1300, dwa warianty wyposażenia: S z dwoma reflektorami i SL - czteroreflektorowy.
850 Coupé został jeszcze raz zmodernizowany, ale produkcję zakończono jeszcze w tym roku. Powstało 2,203,380 sedanów i 342,873 Coupé.
Przejęcie Abartha.



500F (R2 cyl, 499 ccm, 22 KM)
 Berlina (wb: 1840 mm)
 Berlina Lusso (wb: 1840 mm)



850 (R4 cyl, 843 ccm, 40 KM-SAE; 2027 mm) - discontinued
850 Special (R4 cyl, 843 ccm, 47 KM) - discontinued
 Berlina (wb: 2027 mm)


850 Sport

850 Sport (903 ccm, 52 KM)
 Coupé (wb: 2027 mm) - facelift in March (Geneva) and discontinued
 Spider (wb: 2027 mm)

Japońska reklama 850 Spider.



128 (R4 cyl, ohc, 1116 ccm, 55 KM)
  Berlina (wb: 2448 mm)
128 Rally (R4 cyl, ohc, 1290 ccm, 67 KM) - new model in March (Geneva)
  Berlina (wb: 2448 mm)



124 (1197 ccm)
124 Special (1438 ccm, 70 KM)
124 Special T (1438 ccm, 95 KM)

124 Berlina

124 Special


124 Sport

124 Spider (R4 cyl, 1608 ccm, 110 KM)
124 Coupé (R4 cyl, 1608 ccm' 110 KM)



125 (R4 cyl, 1608 ccm, 90 KM)
125 Special (R4 cyl, 1608 ccm, 100 KM)

125 Special



130 (V6 cyl, 2866 ccm, 140 KM; 2720 mm) - discontinued
130 (V6 cyl, 3235 ccm, 165 KM; 2720 mm) - new model



Dino 2400 (V6 cyl, 2418 ccm, 180 KM)



1101A (R4 cyl, 1901 cc, 63 KM)
1102C (R4 cyl, diesel, 1895 cc, 47 KM)
AR 59 (R4 cyl, 1901 cc, 63 KM)
AR 55PS (R4 cyl, 1901 cc, 63 KM) - discontinued



127 (R4 cyl, 903 ccm, 47 KM) - new model
 Berlina (wb: 2225 mm)


130 Coupé

130 (V6 cyl, 3235 ccm, 165 KM) - new model in March (Geneva)
 Coupé (wb: 2720 mm)


128 Sport Coupé

1100 (R4 cyl, 1116 ccm, 64 KM)
1300 (R4 cyl, 1290 ccm, 75 KM)
 Coupé (wb: 2230 mm)


ESV 2500

ESV 2500 - prototype