Classic Car Catalogue

Fiat 1978


128 3P
X1/9 - facelift
131 Mirafiori - discontinued
131 Supermirafiori - Geneva
124 Sport Spider - USA only
Ritmo - Turin
Abarth 131 – discontinued


W maju w modelu 132 pojawił się Diesel 2,0/2,5 mający delikatne przetłoczenie na masce.
Modernizacji sportowego X1/9 dokonano w październiku. Wykorzystuje on teraz podzespoły nowego Ritmo.
Restylizowane modele 131 Mirafiori i Supermirafiori zaprezentowano w Genewie. Wersja Sport z dwulitrowym silnikiem pochodzącym z modelu 132 dołączyła we wrześniu.
The next major change of 124 Spider came in 1978 when the CS2 was introduced using a 1995cc engine. Only available in North America this produced a mere 87bhp, and even less in Californian spec cars.
FIAT 126 From £1,640
Fiat's cheeky little air-cooled economy model had its engine capacity increased from 594 to 652 cc this year, and acceleration is greatly improved. Although only 305.5 cm long, the 126 will seat four, and return almost unbelievable fuel consumption figures. The twin-cylinder engine is at the rear where it supplies copious interior heat in winter-when it never freezes! There are two versions, the standard 126, and the super-lush "De Ville" which costs a little more but has thick carpeting almost everywhere, and a removable rear seat which transforms the little car into a load carrier. Sun-roof is standard on both models.
FIAT 127 From £2,193
Europe's best-selling car, the 127, comes with choice of two or three doors, and engines of 903 or 1049 cc. Smaller motor is the lively, economical pushrod ohv unit derived from the well-proven '850', but the 1049 engine has an overhead camshaft and is produced in Fiat's Brazilian plant. The nippy 127s are well-shaped, and in conjunction with relatively high gearing return miserly fuel consumption figures. Three-door models have lift-up rear doors, and folding rear seats. All have front-wheel drive. There is also a new Sport model at the Birmingham Motor Show. Top models have useful clip-on oddments bag on driver's door.
Available in Britain in 1.6-litre form (in its native Italy there is also a 1.3 version), the Supermirafiori is the high-performance 131 with lively twin overhead camshaft engine, five-speed gearbox, and 100 mph performance. Interiors are lavishly-trimmed in supple cloth, and instrumentation is very complete. Ideal for the familyman who is still a sports car driver at heart. In spite of what TV advertisements suggest, it isn't necessary to keep a Supermirafiori in a cage. Or even the new two-litre Sport version which will be introduced at the Birmingham Motor Show. A normal garage will suffice for keeping either model!
FIAT 132 £4,594
Fiat's flagship, the 132 is sold in Britain in 2000 GLS form only, and is a luxury four-door saloon of high performance and handsome appearance. The interior is sumptuously trimmed in velour cloth, and there are transparent orange 'pulldown' sun-visors as well as ultra-modern instrumentation. A five-speed manual gearbox is standard equipment but there is an automatic transmission on option. The engine is a lively two-litre twin overhead camshaft unit. Very much an executive car, the 132 has soft ride but corners well. In Europe a 1.6-litre petrol model is also marketed, as well as a Diesel version.
FIAT X1/9 1500 £4,350
Trendy wedge sports has two seats, a new 1500 cc overhead camshaft light-alloy engine mounted transversely behind them, and a detachable roof which stows in the front 'bonnet'. Bertone designed (and indeed manufactures) the body which has pop-up headlights, and there is a front air-dam to enhance the high-speed stability. Seats are in way-out striped materials, and there is a well-stocked facia. The central/transverse engine makes for even weight distribution, and the X1/9 corners tike a dream. Luggage stows in the nose, and there is more than 100 mph on tap. The new engine is similar to that of the biggest Fiat Ritmo.
FIAT RITMO Price to be announced
On display at the Birmingham Motor Show, but not available in Britain until mid-1979, Fiat's new hatchback challenger (as sold in Italy) has choice of three engine sizes, 1.1, 1.3, or 1.5-litres. The largest motor comes as standard with a five-speed gearbox (or VW automatic on option), the other two Ritmos being four-speed cars, with five speeds at extra cost. The aerodynamic three, or five-door bodywork is very wide, and the ride supple. Handling is good with all-round independent suspension and wide track. Outstanding attribute of all models is the notably quiet running. A diesel version is expected before too long.


126 (R2 cyl, 652 ccm, 24 KM)
 Berlina (wb: 1840 mm)



127 (R4 cyl, 903 ccm, 45 KM)
127 (R4 cyl, 1049 ccm, 50 KM)
127 Sport (R4 cyl, 1049 ccm, 70 KM) - new model
 Berlina 3p (wb: 2225 mm)
 Berlina 2p (wb: 2225 mm)
Fiorino (903 ccm)
 Furgon (wb: 2225 mm)




128 (R4 cyl, ohc, 1116 ccm, 45 KM)
128 (R4 cyl, ohc, 1116 ccm, 55 KM) - discontinued
128 (R4 cyl, ohc, 1290 ccm, 60 KM) - discontinued
128 Abarth (R4 cyl, 1290 ccm, 60 KM) - discontinued
128 Sport (R4 cyl, 1290 ccm, 60 KM) - new model
128 Turismo (R4 cyl, 1290 ccm, 60 KM) - new model


Berlinetta 128 3P

1100 (R4 cyl, 1116 ccm)
1300 (R4 cyl, 1290 ccm)
 Coupé (wb: 2230 mm)
 Sport - new model
 GLX - new model



X1/9 (R4 cyl, 1290 ccm, 75 KM) - discontinued
X1/9 Five-Speed (1498 ccm, 85 KM) - new model
 Targa (wb: 2200 mm)

X1/9 Série speciale

X1/9 w USA

X1/9 po modernizacji wykorzystuje podzespoły nowego Ritmo.

131 Mirafiori

1300 (R4 cyl, 1297 ccm, 65 KM) - discontinied
1600 (R4 cyl, 1585 ccm, 75 KM) - discontinued
  Berlina 2-porte (wb: 2,490 mm) - discontinued
  Berlina 4-porte (wb: 2,490 mm)
  Familiare 5-porte (wb: 2,490 mm)
131 Abarth - discontinued



Mirafiori L / CL (R4-cyl, ohv, 1301 ccm, 65 KM) - March
Mirafiori CL (R4 cyl, ohv, 1585 ccm, 75 KM) - March
Supermirafiori 1300TC (R4 cyl, dohc, 1301 ccm, 78 KM) - March
Supermirafiori 1600TC (R4 cyl, dohc, 1585 ccm, 96 KM) - March
Mirafiori 2000D (R4 cyl, diesel, 1995 ccm, 60 KM) - April
Supermirafiori 2500D (R4 cyl, diesel, 2445 ccm, 72 KM) - April
  Berlina 2-porte (wb: 2,490 mm)
  Berlina 4-porte (wb: 2,490 mm)
  Panorama 5-porte (wb: 2,490 mm)
Sport (R4 cyl, 1995 ccm, 115 KM) - September
  Berlina 2-porte (wb: 2,490 mm)

131 Supermirafiori 1600/TC

131 Supermirafiori 1600/TC

131 Supermirafiori

131 Supermirafiori

131 Supermirafiori

131 Supermirafiori

131 Mirafiori

131 L

131 Super Diesel


1600 (R4 cyl, 1592 ccm, 98 KM)
2000 (R4 cyl, 1995 ccm, 112 KM)
2000D (R4 cyl, diesel, 1995 ccm, 60 KM) - May
2500D (R4 cyl, diesel, 2445 ccm, 72 KM) - May
 Berlina (wb: 2557mm)



1107 (R4 cyl, 1995 ccm, 80 KM)
1107D (R4 cyl, 1995 ccm, 60 KM, diesel)
AR 76 (R4 cyl, 1995 ccm, 75 KM)
 wb: 2300 mm



60L / CL (R4 cyl, 1116 ccm, 60 KM)
65CL (R4 cyl, 1301 ccm, 65 KM)
75CL (R4 cyl, 1498 ccm, 75 KM)
 Berlina 3p (wb: 2448 mm)
 Berlina 5p (wb: 2448 mm)



124 Spider (1592ccm, 87 KM) - USA only

Abarth 1978

Fiat 131 Rally Abarth – discontinued        


3rd Arctic Rally   131 Abarth Alén
3rd Swedish Rally   131 Abarth Alén
1st Rallye de Portugal   131 Abarth Alén
1st Acropolis Rally   131 Abarth Röhrl
2nd Acropolis Rally   131 Abarth Alén
1st Rajd Polski   131 Abarth Zanini
3rd Rajd Polski   131 Abarth Cañellas
1st 1000 Lakes Rally   131 Abarth Alén
2nd 1000 Lakes Rally   131 Abarth Salonen
1st Critérium Molson du Québec   131 Abarth Röhrl
2nd Critérium Molson du Québec   131 Abarth Alén
1st Tour de France   131 Abarth Mouton
2nd Rallye Sanremo   131 Abarth Verini
2nd Rallye de España   131 Abarth Fernández
1st Tour de Corse   131 Abarth Darniche
2nd Tour de Corse   131 Abarth Andruet
3rd Tour de Corse   131 Abarth Munari
1st Manufacturers World Rally Championship
1st Rajd Polski   131 Abarth Zanini / Petisco
2nd Rajd Polski   131 Abarth Cañellas / Sabater
3rd Rallye di Sicilia #4 131 Abarth Pasetti / Barban

Markku Alén and Ilkka Kivimäki driving to victory in Rallye de Portugal.