Classic Car Catalogue

Fiat (Brazil) 1978

4 cyl.
1048 cm
51 cv
wb: 2225 mm
147 Sedan 2-dr


Fiat Automóveis S.A.,
Rua da Bahia 916, C.P. 410, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Fiat launched its Brazilian production in July 1976. In the first year 8350 units were manufactured, in 1977 increasing up to 65052. Only one model is built, derived from the Fiat 127. The 147 is a two-door hatchback with a tailgate. Four-cylinder front transverse unit with the capacity of 1048 cc with low compression of 7.3: 1 designed for low grade fuel, delivering 51 hp. Four variants: Normal, L, GL and small delivery van Furgoneta. Fiat has two factories in Brazil after the FNM has been acquired by Fiat Diesel.

147 GL