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Alfa Romeo 1979

Alfa Romeo wb: 2729 mm 4 cyl.
2310 cm³
141 hp (DIN)
4 cyl.
2310 cm³
149 hp (DIN)
2300 Sedan 4-dr -
2300 B Sedan 4-dr -
2300 TI Sedan 4-dr -


Fiat Automóveis S.A.,
Rua da Bahia 916, C. P.410, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
In the hands of Fiat Automóveis is now also the production of the built only in Brazil Alfa Romeo 2300. Previously built by Fiat Diesel in Rio de Janeiro together with Fiat trucks, they had to change production because of increased demand.
The four-door sedan built since 1974 is available in a standard, luxury (2300 B) and sports (2300 TI). The 2.3-liter four-cylinder makes 141 hp and in the sports version it brings the car to 149 hp.