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Ford 1959

Taunus 12M
Taunus 17M


Taunus 12M

wb 2489 mm 4 cyl.
1172 cc
38 PS
4 cyl.
1498 cc
55 PS
Limousine 12 M 12 M Super
Kombi 12 M 12 M Super
Cabriolet 12 M 12 M Super

The first three series produced it from January 1952 to July 1959 a total of 215,265 copies.
The fourth series of the Taunus 12 M was released at the end of August 1959 with a slightly modernized body, but above all with a new grille, and from now on without the globe! The 15 M as an independent type no longer exists but the 12 M with either a 1.2 liter engine (internal G 13) or a 1.5 liter Motor (internal G 4).

15 M

12M Cabriolet Deutsch

Taunus 17M

17M (R4 cyl, 1698 cc, 60 PS; wb 2604 mm)
  Limousine 2-dr
  Limousine 4-dr