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Ford 1966

Taunus 12M - ost. rok
Taunus 17M/20M
Taunus 12M/15M - nowy model we wrześniu


Ford TAUNUS 15M is now available with right-hand driving position. Germany's front-wheel-drive Ford is based on the Cardinal, designed in Detroit but never produced there. V4 engine, transverse leaf spring front suspension and recirculating-ball steering are bolted unconventionally together. Automatic choke, heater, laminated windscreen are standard. Body styles include two-door and four-door saloons, Coupé and station wagon, with 1.3 or 1.5-litre engines. Four-cyl.; o.h.v.; 90x 58.8 mm.; 1,498 c.c.; 50 b.h.p.


Taunus 12M

12M 1,2 Liter (P4) (V4 cyl, 1183 cc, 40 PS; wb 2527 mm) - end
12M 1,5 Liter (P4) (V4 cyl, 1498 cc, 50 PS; wb 2527 mm) - end
12M/TS (P4) (V4 cyl, 1498 cc, 65 PS; wb 2527 mm) - end
  Limousine 2-dr
  Limousine 4-dr
  Cabriolet Deutsch

Ford Taunus 12 M (P4)

12M 4-door

12M Kombi

12M TS


12 M 2-door

12 M TS Coupé



Taunus 17M and 20M

Taunus 17M 1500 (P5) (V4 cyl, 1498 cc, 60 PS; 2705 mm)
Taunus 17M 1700S (P5) (V4 cyl, 1699 cc, 70 PS; 2705 mm)
Taunus 20M (P5) (V6 cyl, 1998 cc, 85 PS; 2705 mm)
Taunus 20M/TS (P5) (V6 cyl, 1998 cc, 90 PS; 2705 mm)
Taunus 17M 1700 (P5) (V4 cyl, 1699 cc, 65 PS; 2705 mm) - new
  Limousine 2-dr
  Limousine 4-dr
  Turnier 2-dr
  Turnier 4-dr
  Cabriolet Deutsch

Ford Taunus 20 M (P5)

20M 4-door

20M 2-door

20M Turnier 4-door

20M TS Coupé

20M TS

20M TS


Ford Taunus 17 M (P5)

17M 4-door

17M 2-door

17M Turnier 4-door

17M Turnier 2-door





Taunus 12m and 15M

wb: 2527 mm V4 cyl.
1305 ccm
50 PS
V4 cyl.
1498 ccm
55 PS
V4 cyl.
1498 ccm
65 PS
— September
Limousine 2-dr 12M 15M 15M/TS  
Limousine 4-dr 12M 15M 15M/TS  
Coupé 2-dr 12M 15M 15M/TS  
Turnier 3-dr 12M 15M -  
Kastenwagen 12M 12M/1500 -  

15M Coupé




Transit Panorama-Bus FT 900 / 1100