Classic Car Catalogue

Ford 1934

B (4-cyl., 24 HP) – until October
BF (4-cyl., 14.9 HP)

Great Britain

Ford V8 Model 18 is basically similar to the Model B except that it have the American type eight-cylinder engine of 3622-cc (77.787 x 95.25 mm) capacity, rated at 30 HP. External distinguishing features are V8 ornaments on headlamp tie bar and wheel hub covers. Late production cars differed from 1932 models in having restyled wings, etc. Ford Model 40. Whilst the British Ford Motor Company continue producing the (slightly restyled) four-cylinder Model B and BF cars, the V8s they supplied during 1933-34 are of the American Model 40 variety. The main exception is the V8 Imperial Limousine and to make matters even more complicated, the Model 40 Roadster have a four-cylinder engine. In the USA the Model 40 had been available with the Four engine during 1933 but because of dismal sales it was dropped there for the 1934 selling season. Ford Model Y Saloons are available as Tudor or 'Single Entrance' two-door at £120 and as Fordor or 'Double Entrance' four-door at £125. The L-head Four engine is of 933-cc capacity (56.6 x 92.5 mm) and develop 22 bhp at 3700 rpm. Treasury or RAC rating is 7.96 HP. Except for the louvres in the bonnet side panels the Model Y look very much like the American 1933/34 Ford V8 Model 40. Ford Model Y chassis is available at £97 10s for the mounting of special bodywork.

Model Y


Junior in Norway.

Model B and 18


Model B

Ford V8 Model 18 - 10 ft 3 in wheelbase £395 Imperial Limousine, delivered to the British Army who specified oversize tyres on disc wheels.


Sedan de Luxe 2-doors .. £220
Sedan de Luxe 4-doors .. £235
Coupé de Luxe 3-window with dickey .. £220
Victoria Coupé .. £230
Cabriolet .. £225
Imperial Limousine 123" wheelbase .. £350
Chassis 112" wheelbase .. £165

V8 Model 40

Ford V8 Sedan de Luxe




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
Rallye Monte Carlo  26 ? 23 85 Whalley   5th
          11 Van der Meulen / Menso   12th
          7 van Eijk / Wielemann   14th
          103 Berlescu   18th

Rallye Monte Carlo, no. 60, J.A. Driskell, Ford V8, start from John o'Groats, finished 62nd.