Classic Car Catalogue

Ford 1935

Model Y Popular 8 HP
Model C Ten 10 HP - new model
Model BF (4-cyl., 14.9 HP) - end of production

Great Britain

Niemieckim odpowiednikiem nowego Forda Ten jest Eifel. Ford Popular 8 HP (Model Y) is continued in chassis, two door, four door and 5-cwt Van form. Chassis is available for £97 10s. for coachbuilt bodywork.
Ford De Luxe 10 HP Model C is new stablemate for the Popular. It have the same 7 ft 6 in wheelbase but is roomier, more luxurious and powered by a new 1172-cc (63.5 x 92.5 mm) 10 HP 32.5-bhp side-valve engine, which is basically a larger-bore version of the Popular's 933-cc (56.6 x 92.5 mm) 7.96 HP 22-bhp unit. Within the Ford organization the Model C De Luxe is known also by the designation 20E. the Model Y Popular as 19E.
Ford V8 is available in Britain with two types of engine. The Model 48 is similar in all but minor details to the North American 1935 Ford, powered by the 30 HP 90-bhp 3622-cc (77.79 x 95.25 mm) side-valve V-8-cylinder engine. The Model 60, which is externally similar to the Model 48, have the smaller 22 HP 2227-cc (66.04 x 81.28 mm) variant, resulting in a road tax reduction from £22 10s. to £16 10s. V8 chassis is available for special bodywork and sold at £190 (October 1935).

Model Y

(R4 cyl SV, 933 cc, 22 bhp)
  Single-entrance Saloon
  Double-entrance Saloon

Ford Popular (8 HP) Single-entrance Saloon

Ford Popular (8 HP) Single-entrance Saloon

Ford Poular (8 HP) Double-entrance Saloon

Model C

(R4 cyl SV, 1172 cc, 32.5 bhp)
  Single-entrance Saloon
  Double-entrance Saloon



Model 48 30 HP (V8 cyl, 3622 cc, 90 bhp)
Model 60 22 HP (V8 cyl, 2227-cc)

Model 60

Model 48

Ford V8 Saloon

These three illustrations show some special versions offered by Dagenham Motors Limited, viz. DM Sports Saloon (top; price £425) and a Foursome Drophead Coupé (£415) with the top in closed and half-open position.

Ford V8 chassis is very suitable for newspaper delivery. Shown is one of two vans operated by The Star. The bodywork is by G. Scammell and Nephew Limited of London. Doors and front roof section are from the Standard Saloon.



  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
19-27.01.1935 Rallye Monte Carlo 25 ? 20 73 V8 Whalley 5th
          130 V8 Linders 6th
          11 V8 Bakker-Schut / Mutsaerts 7th
          30 V8 Doll 9th
          39 V8 Hedensjo 11th
          120 V8 Nowak / LubiƄski 11th
          138 V8 Mary / Mahe 11th
          6 V8 Cristea / Sontag 15th
          78 V8 Marinovitch / Lamberjack 19th (Ladies Cup 1st)

Picture shows touring model in South Africa, after class win in the 1935 Cape-town-Port Elizabeth-Capetown reliability trial.