Classic Car Catalogue

Ford 1966

Cortina / Cortina Lotus Mk II - ost. rok
Zephyr 4 Mk III - ost.rok
Zephyr 6 Mk III - ost. rok
Zodiac Mk III - ost. rok
Zephyr 4 Mk IV - April
Zephyr 6 Mk IV - April
Zodiac Mk IV - April
Cortina - London (October)
GT 40 - new model

Great Britain

W kwietniu zaprezentowano zmodernizowane modele Zephyr i Zodiac. Zwiększono rozstaw osi do 292 cm, w wyniku czego długość osiągnęła niemal amerykański rozmiar 472 cm. Nowe są silniki: dwulitrowy V4 i V6 2,5 lub 3,0 litra, a także niezależne tylne zawieszenie, w którym sztywną oś z resorami piórowymi zastąpiono wahaczami skośnymi ze sprężynami śrubowymi. Wersje kombi budowane przez firmę Abbot w pażdzierniku. Zodiac Executive w sierpniu (oficjalna prezentacja w pażdzierniku). Automatyczna skrzynia biegów, wspomaganie kierownicy, luksusowe wykończenie.
W Londynie zaprezentowano nową Cortinę. Cortina is essentially a re-skin of MkI, launched at Earls Court in October has boxier styling, and up dated interiors. Two door, four door and estate body styles, and choice of 1300cc, 1500cc, or 1500 GT with twin Webers. Standard, Super and GT had different trim levels


Anglia (R4, 997cc, 39bhp)
Anglia Super (R4, 1198cc, 48.5bhp)
  Estate Car
Anglia Torino by OSI

Anglia – £410 + £94 p.t. = £504
Anglia Super – £500 + £115 p.t.= £615
Anglia - Ford's veteran low-priced, cheap-running family car is now hitting the million mark in cars sold. There is a choice of engines, either 997 c.c. or 1,198 c.c., and a practical station wagon version.
(London report, October'66)



Cortina (4 cyl, 1198 cc, 50 bhp) - discontinued
Cortina Super (1498 cc, 62 bhp) - discontinued
  Saloon 2-door
  Saloon 4-door
  Estate Car
Cortina GT (1498 cc, 78 bhp) - discontinued
Lotus Cortina (4 cyl, 1558 cc, 115 bhp) - discontinued in September
  Saloon 2-door

Cortina 1200

Cortina Estate Car
American advert.

Cortina 1200

Cortina Lotus in the USA.


Corsair (V4 cyl, 1663 cc, 77 bhp)
Corsair GT (V4 cyl, 1996 cc, 88 bhp)
  Saloon 2-, 4-door
  Estate Car (Abbott)

Corsair GT – £755 + £173 p.t. = £928
V4 engine of 2-litres gives power in reserve in the hottest version of the Corsair GT, which is available as saloon or estate car. Instruments include tachometer, oil pressure gauge, engine thermometer. Bucket front seats, Aeroflow ventilation, pile carpets and centre console. Fold-away rear seat on the estate car releases 60 cubic feet of carrying capacity and the lift-up tail panel is counterbalanced.

(London report, October'66)

Zephyr Mk III

Zephyr 4 (R4, 1703cc, 68bhp) - discontinued
Zephyr 6 (R6, 2553cc, 98bhp) - discontinued
  Estate (Abbott)

Zephyr 6 Mk III

Zephyr 4 Mark III

Zephyr 6 Mk III

Zodiac Mk III

Zodiac (R6, 2553cc, 109bhp) - discontinued
  Estate (Abbott)


Zephyr and Zodiac Mk IV

Zephyr 4 (V4 cyl, 1996 cc, 88 bhp) - April
Zephyr 6 (V6 cyl, 2495 cc, 112 bhp) - April
Zodiac (V6 cyl, 2994 cc, 128 bhp) - April
  Estate Car (Abbott) - October
Zodiac Executive (V6 cyl, 2994 cc, 128 bhp) - October

Zephyr 4 – £772 + £177 p.t. = £949
Zephyr 6 – £832 + £191 p.t. = £1,023

LONGER, wider, higher, more powerful than the Mark III, Zephyr 4 has a compact V-type instead of an in-line engine. It's the economical one of the new big cars, but OK for fast cruising, with power for safe overtaking. Servo-assisted disc brakes are self adjusting. Automatic choke and crankcase emission control are standard, to eliminate engine oil-fumes and keep engine compartment clean.
THREE years' development went into the Zephyr 6 with Britain's first V6 engine. Spare wheel in front of engine leaves extra luggage space in rear. Choice of transmissions, with four-speed all-synchromesh manual, overdrive or automatic. Front suspension has MacPherson-type struts with stabiliser bar. Rear suspension is new-style independent with swinging-link wishbones. Safety features include anchorages for inertia-reel harness.
RISE-AND-FALL steering column, adjustable backrests, clash-proof pre-engaged starter, sealed-for-life chassis bearings are offered on Dagenham's plushiest Ford Zodiac. Twin-choke carburetter and bowl-in-piston combustion chambers appear on a V6 engine bigger than the Zephyr's. There are four headlamps, electric windscreen washers and a high-charge alternator. Choice of 13 acrylic enamel body colours. Self-adjusting servo brakes, nylon speed tyres.

(London report, October'66)


Zephyr 6

Zephyr 4
WHEN the Mk. IV V-6 Fords were announced last April the Executive version of the Zodiac was temporarily shelved. Predictably, it is now back again with even more lavish luxury at an all-in price of £1,567 - £317 more than the basic Zodiac but astonishingly little for what you get. Mechanically, the 100 m.p.h. Executive is the same as the Zodiac with a 3-litre 144 b.h.p. V-6 engine driving independently sprung rear wheels. Zodiac options of power steering and three-speed automatic transmission are standard on the Executive: four-speed manual transmission is also available. The main differences, however, are inside. Deep armchair seats are upholstered in crushed hide (or Nylon cloth if you wish) and the squabs can be adjusted to a lie-back position. Inertia reel safety belts that coil away when not in use are standard fittings. So, too, is the push-button radio with front and rear balance control. Aeroflow ventilation, extra driving lights, wing mirrors and a sliding roof-operated by turning a small handle. Instruments on the bur walnut facia include a rev counter, oil pressure gauge and an electric clock. Deep pile carpets cover the floor and boot and there is an upholstered "cubby" between the front seats. Front and rear nameplates and a chrome strip beneath the doors distinguish the Executive. There are 12 body colours to choose from, including four metallic finishes.
Price: £1,275 plus £292 3s. 9d. purchase tax equals £1,567 3s. 9d.

Cortina Mk II

(4 cyl, 1297 cc, 54 bhp)
(4 cyl, 1498 cc,)

RADICALLY different styling brings the new Ford Cortina into line with the new Zephyrs and Zodiacs. More power boosts performance and flexibility, improved brakes and suspension extend safety margins and enhance the comfort. Detail design and equipment reveals the activity of Ford's new safety engineering section. One of the show's most important newcomers, it appear with many variations in home and export markets.
(London report, October'66)

Cortina na Salonie w Londynie (Motor'66

GT 40

Ford G.T. 40 – Vee Eight-cyl.; 4,736 c.c.; 380 b.h.p. £5,500 + £1,262 p.t. = £6,762
SPACE capsule on wheels with the prestige of a Le Mans win. It was the 200 m.p.h. 7-litre version that won, but the production 4.7-litre runs up to 150 or so. Getting in is quite a trick. Luggage space is limited to two biscuit boxes in the engine compartment; but you don't buy this sort of car to take auntie out to tea.
(London report, October'66)


Cortina Lotus

Zwycięstwo (Söderström/ Palm) w Rajdzie Akropolu (Cortina Lotus).
Zwycięstwo (Söderström/ Palm) w rajdzie R.A.C. (Cortina Lotus).

RAC winners.

GT 40


1st 24h Le Mans #2 GT 40 Amon/McLaren
2nd 24h Le Mans #1 GT 40 Miles/Hulme
3rd 24h Le Mans #5 GT 40 Bucknum/Hutcherson
1st 12h Sebring     Miles/Ruby
2nd 12h Sebring     Hansgen/Donohue
3rd 12h Sebring     Revson/Scott
1st 24h Daytona #98   Miles/Ruby
2nd 24h Daytona #97   Gurney/Grant
3rd 24h Daytona #95   Hansgen/Donohue
2nd 1000km Monza     Gregory/Whitmore
3rd 1000km Monza     Müller/Mairesse
2nd 1000km Spa     Whitmore/Gardner
3rd 1000km Spa     Scott/Revson
Entries and results:
  Targa Florio 08.05.1966 Entrant: Results:  
#         gen. class category
176 GT 40   Greder/Ligier Ford France 12th 1st over 2.0 9th sport
24h Le Mans 19.06.1966   Results: Index:
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. class perf. eff.
1 GT 40 Mk II #1015 Miles/Hulme Shelby 2nd 2nd prot. over 5.0 9th 4th
2 GT 40 Mk II #1046 Amon/McLaren Shelby 1st 1st prot. over 5.0 9th 6th
3 GT 40 Mk II #1047 Gurney/Grant Shelby fail. - - -
4 GT 40 Mk II #1032 Hawkins/Donohue Holman & Moody dnf - - -
5 GT 40 Mk II #1016 Bucknum/Hutcherson Holman & Moody 3rd 3rd prot. over 5.0 11th 7th
6 GT 40 Mk II #1031 Bianchi/Andretti Holman & Moody fail. - - -
7 GT 40 Mk II #XGT-2 Hill/Muir Alan Mann Racing dnf - - -
8 GT 40 Mk II #XGT-1 Whitmore/Gardner Alan Mann Racing fail. - - -
12 GT 40 P #1017 Rindt/Ireland F.R./Comstock fail. - - -
14 GT 40 #1040 Sutcliffe/Spoerry Filipinetti acc. - - -
15 GT 40 P #1007 Grossman/Ligier Ford France dnf - - -
59 GT 40 #1038 Revson/Scott Essex Wire Corp. fail. - - -
60 GT 40 #1001 Ickx/Neerpasch Essex Wire Corp. fail. - - -

#14 Porsche, #98 Ford GT 40 (Miles / Ruby) and #80 Sunbeam at 24h Daytona.

Henri Greder and Guy Ligier won in over 2001 cc class at Targa Florio.

24h Le Mans winner: Ford GT 40 Mk II, chassis #1046, engine: Ford 6981 cm³ (Chris Amon / Bruce McLaren), Shelby American Inc.

Ford GT 40 Mk II, chassis #1047, engine: Ford 6981 cm³ (Dan Gurney / Jerry Grant), Shelby American Inc.

3rd at 24h Le Mans: Ford GT 40 Mk II, chassis #1016, engine: Ford 6981 cm³ (Ronnie Bucknum / Dick Hutcherson), Holman & Moody.

2nd at 24h Le Mans: Ford GT 40 Mk II, chassis #1015, engine: Ford 6981 cm³ (Ken Miles / Denny Hulme), Shelby American Inc.