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Gatso 1949




4000 Convertible


In 1949, Gatso unveils a 4000 2 + 2 Coupé (1 single copy constructed) version and a vehicle sent a competition called "Platje", carried out on a Fiat chassis and powered by a 6 cylinder 1, 5 l.

An interesting and novel sports car from Holland, the Gatso "4000" Sport is another of the growing number of Ford V-8 powered competition cars. Having the tremendous advantage of world-wide service and spare parts, the V-8 is a very logical choice as power-plant for small production, custom built, sports cars such as the Gatso. Fitted as standard equipment on the engine, are American built dual manifold, and aluminum high-compression cylinder heads, giving an estimated output of 125 HP at 4000 RPM. Chromium hardened cylinder liners are used, with the result that longer life between engine overhauls is obtained. A third, centrally located headlight is used, giving added illumination for night driving, an important factor in such sporting events as the 24 hour races at Lo Mans and Spa. The fairing for this light also conveniently covers the carburetors, which otherwise would protrude from the low hood. An interesting point about the body construction, is that it is welded into one piece thruout, with the exceptions of the doors and the hood.
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