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Healey 1949

Great Britain

Elliot 2.4 litre Saloon
Westland 2.4 litre Roadster (otwarta wersja Elliota)
Sportsmobile 2.4 litre , Duncan ?
Silverstone - July 

March advert.



Silverstone zaprezentowany w lipcu (R4, 2443 cm³, 104 KM)

Stark two seater roadster Silverstone, intended for road and competition use, with narrow body, small cut away doors, cycle type wings, and retracting windscreen. Spare wheel mounted horizontally in tail acts as rear bumper. Body is in alloy by Abbey Panels. Chassis is heavy box section similar to Healey saloons with trailing arm ifs and coil sprung live back axle. Engine is 105 bhp Riley 2443cc, giving 112 mph top speed.



Healey with Beutler body presented at Geneva Motor Show.










  24h Le Mans 25.06.1949 Entrant: Results:
        gen. class
#20 (2443cc) Bartlett / Mann Bartlett 13th 3rd - 2001-3000


Le Mans.