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Hillman 1933

Wizard 65/75 - ost rok.
Minx (R4 SV, 1185 cm³, 30 KM) - ost rok

Great Britain

Od 1931 powstało 7000 sztuk modelu Wizard.

Hillman Minx, made a name for itself and became the company's main line. In addition to the chassis at £120, four Saloon models are available ranging from £159 to £195, as well as a two- and a four-door Tourer, at £175 and £159 respectively. Wheelbase is 7 ft 8 in.
Aero Minx is available in Chassis, Sports Saloon and March Special Tourer variants. Sports Saloon is priced at £245. Mechanically they are similar to the standard Minx except that the chassis is 'underslung' and have a wheelbase of 7 ft 4 in.
Hillman Wizard Saloon is priced at £285 whether fitted with 2110-cc or optional 2810-cc engine, was discontinued this year.




Minx Saloon

Hillman Minx Saloon car used by the Amsterdam Police for instructional purposes.

Minx DHC

Minx Tourer with 5.50-18 tyres replacing the standard 4.50-18 size.


Aero Minx


Hillman Aero Minx roadster (Vose)




Wizard Saloon works car with caravan on their way from Coventry to the Cairo Motor Show by road in January. 1933.




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
21-25.01.1933  Rallye Monte Carlo 1 1 1 44 Martin   27th (Ladies Cup) 3rd