Classic Car Catalogue

Hillman 1934

Aero Minx
16/20-70 - nowy model

Great Britain

Hillman Minx is mechanically similar to its 1933 predecessors except that it now have a four-speed gearbox. Radiator grille, wings and bodywork are slightly restyled.
Hillman Aero Minx is available with four different and attractive body styles. Foursome Coupé with sliding roof and a Tourer, both are priced at £225.
Hillman 20/70 is similar to the Hillman 16 HP and sold at the same price (Family Saloon £269). The difference is that it had the ex-Wizard 75 2810-cc (75 x 106 mm) engine, rated at 20.9 HP, rather than the 1932-33 65-mm bore Wizard 65 2210-cc unit which powered the 16 HP. The Wizards had not proved a success and were withdrawn from the Company's production programme. Hillman 20/70 Seven-seater Limousine has 10 ft 3 in wheelbase.



(R4 SV, 1185 cc) - nowy model - ost rok
Drophead Coupé, 2dr, 2 miejsc
Saloon, 4dr, 4 miejsc, 4-light, 6-light, club saloon types
Tourer, 2dr, 2+2 miejsc, sports tourer type also

Hillman Minx Club Saloon is an attractive semi-sporting model. It sold at £195 and is one of eight models available in the Minx range.

Melody Minx Saloon are Hughie Green and his Gang outside Broadcasting House after a rehearsal for their show in the Entertainment Hour on 4 July 1934.

Hillman Minx Foursome Drophead Coupé, priced at £225, is most expensive Minx model, but the roomy locker at the rear simplify the problem of transporting tea-making equipment.


Aero Minx

Sports, 2dr, 2 miejsc

Aero Minx. These two Tourers were used by Captain and Mrs. A. E. Kellet for an arduous trip from London to Cape Town. For the expedition the cars were specially modified to carry extra petrol, water, etc. The route was via Italy, Tripolitania and Egypt.

Hillman Aero Minx cars, delivered to the Caernarvonshire Constabulary. They are used for patrol duties.


16 and 20

Limousine, 4dr, 4 miejsc
Saloon, 4dr, 7 miejsc
Tourer, 2dr, 2+2 miejsc
Drophead Coupé, 2dr, 2 miejsc
Landaulette, 4dr, 4 miejsc
Saloon, 4dr, 4 miejsc, sports saloon type also

20/70 Limousine at the famous Blacksmith Shop and Marriage Room at Gretna Green.

20/70 Saloon

Hillman 20/70 Tourers with 68-bhp 2810-cc engines for military use, shown before delivery from the company's Coventry works.