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Hillman 1940

Minx (Phase I)
14 - ost rok

Great Britain

Hillman Minx in its 1939/40 form have 9.8 HP 1185-cc side-valve Four engine The radiator grille is integral with the rear-hinged bonnet. Prices are from £165 to £210.
Hillman Fourteen is the only other type produced by the Hillman Motor Car Co. in 1939/40. The body styling resemble that of the Minx, but the car is almost 2 ft longer and have a 13.96 HP 1944-cc side-valve Four engine. Prices range from £238 to £285. Compared with 1938/39 models, the 1940 Fourteen have revised bonnet side strips, Lockheed instead of Bendix brakes and Luvax piston-type shock absorbers. Most vehicles were supplied to the Army and the Royal Air Force.



(R4 SV, 1185 cc)
Drophead Coupé

The car features wartime headlamp masks and white-painted bumpers.