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Hillman 1948

Minx Phase II - discontinued
Minx Phase III - new model in September

Great Britain

Minx Ph III to nowy model całkowicie odmienny od dotychczasowych serii, zaprezentowanych jeszcze przed wojną. "Zamerykanizowana" sylwetka powstała przy współpracy amerykańskiego stylisty Raymonda Loewy. Zachowano jednak dotychczasowy silnik z bocznymi zaworami. Firma bardzo liczy na eksport nowego Minxa.

Hillman Minx for 1948, announced in December 1947, and known as the Mark II, is facelifted and modified in several respects. Bonnet, bumpers, front wings and dashboard were restyled and the four-speed gearbox have steering-column gearshift. The radiator grille is no longer integral with the bonnet and the headlamps are built-in. The wheels are now of the full-disc type. Another important modification is the change from mechanical to hydraulic brakes. The Saloon is priced at £493. Minx Mark II Drophead Coupé feature the same improvements and modifications as the Mark II Saloon plus the omission of the 'hood irons' of the convertible top. Minx Mark II Estate Car share its rear body styling with the Minx-derived Commer light van The Mark II Minxes were not produced for very long. After nine months they were superseded by the entirely restyled Mark III models.
Minx Phase III has an all new full width, American inspired, unit construction bodywork introduced in September 1948, with coil spring ifs, cart sprung rear. Engine carriey over from Phase II with 35 bhp from 1185cc and top speed of 65 mph. Four speed box with column change. Four door saloon, estate car, and drop head bodies are available.


Minx Phase II

Phase II (R4 SV, 1185 cc, 35 bhp) - end
 Saloon, 4dr, 4miejsc
 Drophead Coupé, 2dr, 4 miejsc
 Estate, 4dr, 4 miejsc


Minx Phase III

Phase III (1185 cc, 35 bhp) - new
 Saloon, 4dr, 4miejsc
 Convertible, 2dr, 4miejsc
 Estate, 4dr, 4 miejsc

Minx Convertible at Earls Court in London.