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Hillman 1949

Minx Phase III - discontinued
Minx Phase IV - new model in December

Great Britain

Od 1948 powstalo 28.619 szt Phase III.
Phase IV ma nadal przedwojenny, bocznozaworowy silnik o pojemności powiększonej do 1,3 litra.

Hillman Minx models were entirely restyled for the 1949 model year. The new Mark III models, introduced in September 1948, incorporate the most drastic changes in the long line of these popular family cars since 1936 (the original Minx dated back to 1931). The full-width bodywork is styled by Raymond Loewy, who is also responsible for the post-war Studebakers. The new car retains most of the existing mechanical components but have IFS with coil springs. Wheelbase is 7 ft 9 in. Price £505. Minx Mark III Drophead Coupé share the 1949 restyling with the Saloon. Compared with the Mark II it now have rear quarter windows, which could be cranked down into the bodysides. The price is £576. Minx Estate Car, as before, combine the styling of the Saloon and the Commer Supervan. The Estate Car sold at £595, the Van at £350. They have the same 1185-cc side-valve Four engine as the other Minxes.
Phase IV introduced in December 1949 gets 37bhp 1265cc engine, and separate sidelamps.



Phase III (1185 cc, 35 bhp) - end
Phase IV (1265 cc, 38 bhp) - new
 Saloon, 4dr, 4miejsc
 Convertible, 2dr, 4miejsc
 Estate, 4dr, 4 miejsc


The Hillman Minx has always been a progressive car, content with nothing less than leadership in its class. World-wide success since its inception some seventeen years ago has been due to strict adherence to the policy of continuous development and improvement year by year, in order to achieve an ever increasing degree of reliability and quality.
The latest expression of this forward policy of its manufacturers, the Rootes Group, is revealed in the Saloon and Convertible Coupé, which present a striking advance in automobile design, the culmination of years of planning, research and practical test. They incorporate all that is latest and best in modern engineering though: and invention,, whilst retaining those proved successful features which have made Minx reliability a byword.
The beautiful and original styling is modern, for a modern age, but these flowing lines follow by no means the sole dictatcs of fashion; they have been scientifically planned to achieve certain definite advantages for the owner. Aerodynamic lines reduce air resistance, thus giving better performance and greater economy. Smooth contours make cleaning the car easier and quicker.
The impression of real big-car roominess and comfort prevails throughout the spacious interior, in which all dimensions, including leg-room, head-room and width, are satisfyingly large. The full width front seat will carry two adults and a child, and the wide back seat is also generously proportioned. All seating, contour-correct, is situated well within the wheelbase. The Hillman Draughless Ventilation system is a notable feature.
Superlative riding comfort and stability is provided by a suspension system which smoothes out the roughest of roads and combines independent front coil suspension with long underslung semi-elliptic rear springs, torsion bar sway eliminator and double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers front and rear.
The Opticurve windscreen affords a greatly increased angle of vision and eliminates reflection and dazzle by day and night. Door pillars are set back, avoiding blind spots, and this, together with other vitally important safety features, such as the low dash rail and sloped bonnet, gives an exceptionally wide field of vision. The Opticurvee rear window has similar properties.
Safety has been one of the guiding factors of this design, and has resulted in the production of an integrated body and frame of all-steel construction. Boxed side and cross members are welded to the body, and even internal features such as the facia panel and luggage locker floor serve as reinforcing members. Doors are forward hung for security, and Triplex safety glass is used throughout. The whole has been designed as one integral unit of the greatest strength and rigidity.
The proved, reliable Hillman Minx power unit of 1185 cc. developing 35 brake horse power gives excellent performance with economy and incorporates a number of important detail refinements. The Easi-lift bonnet opens wide for exceptional engine accessibility.
All those proved features which have contributed so much to success have been retained. The luggage locker provides fully enclosed accommodation for all needs, and Synchromatic finger-tip gear control, a system well suited to the modern Minx, continues to provide a delightfully smooth, rapid change. Lockheed two-leading-shoe hydraulic brakes ensure perfect control under all conditions.
The Hillman Minx has taken another step in its long and distinguished career, and in its latest form presents a combination of attractive modern styling, the most recent engineering developments andd features proved by years of trial.

Minx Phase 3 Estate

Minx Phase 3 Drophead Coupé

Minx Phase IV Saloon