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Hillman 1964

Minx Series V
Super Minx Mk II - discontinued
Super Minx Mk III - September
Husky Series III

Great Britain

By the early 1960s Rootes were finding themselves increasingly in deeper financial trouble. There had been teething problems with the Imp, the two medium car ranges (Minx and Super Minx families) were proving to be a drain on resources and industrial relations problems were bringing production to a standstill. Rootes found themselves with no option than to seek a merger with another company. Talks with Leyland came to nothing. In 1964, a deal was made with Chrysler. Chrysler bought 30% of the voting shares and 50% of the non-voting shares in the company.
Hillman Husky Series III replaced the Series II in the summer of 1963. Innovations include a lower bonnet line, a modified radiator grille incorporating sidelamp units, redesigned facia with full-width parcel shelf and a number of technical improvements.
Hillman Minx Series V Saloon De Luxe. Major changes made to this latest version of the Minx (replacement for the III C range) include a modified roof line, larger windscreen with a squarer surround, radiator grille of five horizontal bar design with central badge, modified rear lamp units, individual front seats and a redesigned facia. Automatic transmission is optionally available.
Hillman Super Minx s.III of 1964 gets all synchro box, squared off roof with six light arrangement, and veneered dash.

Imp makes news. Imp impetuous. The rear-mounted, aluminiumdiecast, overhead-camshaft engine gives 0-50 mph acceleration in 15 seconds. A comfortable 75 mph. And a touring fuel consumption of 40-45 mpg. Imp impeccable. The handling is exceptionally sure and precise on both wet and dry surfaces. That's thanks to all-round independent suspension. Imp impressive. Space for four with room to spare. Space for luggage in front and at the back. Plus extra luggage spacethe rear window lifts up, the back seat folds down. Proof of Imp? Imp crossed Europe to Athens averaging 42 mpg for this 4200 mile trip!
Hillman sets a dazzling pace in quality and value
The new Hillman Minx de luxe saloon. A magnificent family car. New look from stem to stern. But the famous Hillman reliability remains-unchanged. Front disc brakes add extra safety. Comfort is very special. And so is the price. New Husky, too. More stylish. But still doing the same double duty-family saloon and business load-carrier. The elegant and comfortable Super Minx completes the range. Recently, a Super Minx covered 27,000 miles non-stop ... at speeds between 60 and 70 mph in the almost impossible winter conditions of Finland's roads. And a Super Minx won a class award in the tough Canadian Winter Rally.



(4 cyl, 875 cc, 37 bhp; wb: 6' 10'')



Series V (4 cyl, 1592 cc, 53 bhp; wb: 8' 0'')
 De Luxe Saloon


Super Minx Mk II

Mk II (4 cyl, 1592 cc, 62 bhp; wb: 8' 5'') - end
 Convertible - end


Super Minx Mk III

Mk III (4 cyl, 1592 cc, 62 bhp; wb: 8' 5'') - new



Series III (1390 cc, 41 bhp; wb: 7' 2'')