Classic Car Catalogue

Hillman 1966

Minx Series VI
Super Minx Mk IV
Hunter - nowy model

Great Britain

HILLMAN IMP DE LUXE (4-cyl.; o.h.c.; 875 c.c.; 39 b.h.p.) £445 + £104 p.t. = £549
AS the original Imp with its simple trim faded away, faster, more luxurious versions have proliferated. Imp de luxe, Super Imp and Chamois. Now comes the Sports Chamois and the Sunbeam Imp with 51 b.h.p. engines and servo brakes. For competition drivers there's the made-to-order Rally Imp with twin carburetter engine of 998 c.c. producing 60 b.h.p., bigger brakes, servo operated, and option of a larger fuel tank.
HILLMAN MINX DE LUXE (4-cyl.; o.h.v.; 1,725 c.c.; 58 b.h.p.) £545 + £ 115 p.t. = £660
ONE of the lowest-priced cars in Britain to offer the extra urge of an over-1700 c.c. engine. Another driver gimmick is an optional luxury of Borg-Warner fully automatic transmission. Suitable for the family man or business man who leaves his car at home for his wife to drive. Many rate the Minx de Luxe as the best car in the Rootes range.
HILLMAN HUNTER (4-cyl.; o.h.v.; 81.5 mm.; 1,725 c.c.; 80 b.h.p.)
SPRIGHTLY successor to the Super Minx. Paring off pounds with no loss of strength, the new body structure permits a higher power to weight ratio and higher gearing which brings dividends in low fuel consumption and effortless high speed cruising. Strut-type front suspension and disc front brakes. Semi-elliptic rear suspension. Canted-over engine with new head and manifolds. New safety interior with minimum projections.

(London report, October'66)


(4 cyl, 875 cc, 37 bhp; wb: 6' 10'')
Imp Mk 2 Saloon
Super Imp Saloon
Californian Coupé - new
 Rallye Imp (4 cyl, 998 cc, 60-110 bhp)

Imp De Luxe Mk 2

Imp De Luxe Mk 2

Super Imp

Imp Californian


Series VI (4 cyl, 1725 cc, 65 bhp; wb: 8' 0'')
 De Luxe Saloon


Super Minx

Mk IV (4 cyl, 1725 cc, 65 bhp; wb: 8' 5'')



(4 cyl, 1725 cc; wb: 8' 2½'') - new

Hillman (Sunbeam) Hunter at Paris Motor Show.