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Hispano Suiza 1931


H6B (6 cyl., 6.6l, 135 hp)
H6C (6 cyl, 7983 cc, 160 hp)
HS26 4581cc - new model
J12 (68) (12 cyl, 9,425 cc, 220 hp) – October – Paris


The HS26 was first introduced at the Paris Salon in October 1930 as Hispano-Ballot. The Ballot name was soon dropped and this model is now known as Hispano Suiza HS 26 Junior. Cornered by the consequences of the Great Depression of 1929, the Ballot company wAs obliged to accept entry of Hispano Suiza in its capital. Hispano-Suiza took over management of the factory and the Ballot Hispano HS 26 is renamed "Junior". The chassis is a modified eight-cylinder Ballot HR 3, and the engine comes from built in Barcelona Hispano type T-64. Only the chassis is assembled in the Ballot factory. The engine is manufactured entirely by by a technical team led by Marc Birkigt at Hispano-Suiza but unlike the Spanish vesrsion made from light alloy. The only innovations to the engine are wet liners, thermostatic control and a dynamo Scintilla.

In early 1930, Marc Birkigt started study on a replacement for the famous H6 chassis. It was presented at the Paris show in October 1931. The new type J is a twelve-cylinder V (100x100) 9.4-liter overhead valve, light alloy with steel cylinders. The engine develop 190 hp at 3000 rpm. This super luxury car is capable of 160 km/h. As always Hispano only built chassis.

HS26 Junior

HS26 Junior chassis in December 1931.



J12 chassis

J12 engine