Classic Car Catalogue

Hispano Suiza 1932 


HS26 (4581cc)
H6B (6 cyl., 6.6l, 135 hp) – discontinued
H6C (6 cyl, 7983 cc, 160 hp)
J12 (68) (12 cyl, 9,425 cc, 220 hp) – new model



The new model J12 was presented at the Paris Motor Show 1931. It is only manufactured in France but imported into Spain as the type 68.

No change has been made in the 45 h.p. Hispano-Suiza, but special interest is attached to this famous marque, in that a new "super" twelve-cylinder car will be listed in the future. The engine has bore and stroke dimensions of 100 mm. x 100 mm. and the cylinders are arranged in two banks of six in V formation. As with the 45 h.p., nitralloy steel is used extensively in the construction of the power unit of the new model.
Concessionaires' address : HispanoSuiza Automobiles, 71, Carlton House, Regent Street, London, S. W.1.

Motor Sport, October 1931, Models for 1932


HS26 Junior


H6 46CV