Classic Car Catalogue

Hotchkiss 1946

  wheelbase: 13 CV
Type 864

4 cyl.
2312 cm³
   70 ch   
17 CV
Type 680

6 cyl.
3016 cm³
   90 ch   
20 CV
Type 686

6 cyl.
3485 cm³
   110 ch   
Cabourg berline 292 cm 309 cm 309 cm


Accotding to French goverment five-year plan introduced in January Hotchkiss is permitted to produce small 2-ton lorries. The company is included Peugeot group together with Ledesema and Saurer.
A few pre-war cars were exhibited at the first pot-war Paris Motor Show in October, incluiding convertible Monte-Carlo, but only saloon Cabourg entered production in very small numbers.


1st Rallye des Alpes 686 # Huguet