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Humber 1938

Snipe Mk II - new model
Snipe Imperial - new model
Pullman - new model

Great Britain

Wyłącznie 6 cylindrowe.

Humber Sixteen Saloon is the lowest-priced six-cylinder Humber so far, at £330. Except for engine, radiator grille and minor details it resembles the Hillman Fourteen. The radiator grille is similar to that of the Snipe. Engine is a 2576.5-cc (67.5 x 120 mm) side-valve unit, rated at 16.95 HP. Wheelbase is 9 ft 6 in, tyre size 6.00-16.
Humber Snipe chassis is now offered in two versions, viz. The 20.9 HP and the larger Snipe Imperial. The 20.9 HP resembles the Humber Sixteen but has 75-mm cylinder bore, resulting in 3181-cc cubic capacity. Wheelbase is 9 ft 6 in and the Saloon shown cost £345.
Humber Snipe Imperial Six-light Saloon with sliding roof cost £495. The 4085.7-cc engine (85 x 120 mm) was rated at 26.88 HP and is the same as used in the Pullman chassis. Tyre size is 7.00-16, wheelbase 10 ft 4 in.
Humber Pullman chassis has 11 ft wheelbase and 7.50-16 tyres but otherwise its technical specification is much like that of the Snipe Imperial.




Humber 16 Saloon




Snipe model '39

Super Snipe model '39


Snipe Imperial





Humber Pullman z nadwoziem Thrupp & Maberly