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Humber 1940


Great Britain

Humber Super Snipe is a carry-over from 1939. The body styling have much in common with the Hillman Fourteen, but feature a built-out luggage boot and a distinctive radiator grille. The engine is a 26.9 HP 4086-cc side-valve Six. The Humber Sixteen and Snipe look similar but have smaller-bore engines of 2576- and 3181 -cc capacity respectively. All have 9 ft 6 in wheelbase. In the Services this model is officially known as the Snipe, although it have the 4086-cc engine. On these cars the rear end is modified for improved 'angle of departure'. Tyres are India 7.00-16 'Aero Cushion'.


Sixteen and Snipe



Super Snipe


Imperial and Pullman


Humber Pullman Limousine in British Army khaki livery. Some are supplied with formal black paint finish for domestic use. Most Pullmans for the Services are fitted with the roof luggage rail, as shown.

Humber Pullman Limousine in RAF livery. The Army and Navy use similar cars. The Pullman have the same 4086-cc engine as the Super Snipe, but a wheelbase of 10 ft 7 ½ in.


Humberette and Ironside


Humber light armoured car, built on the Super Snipe chassis. Early models, produced for Home Defence following the Dunkirk evacuation, were known as Humberette. Illustrated is their follow-up, first produced in July 1940 and officially designated “Car, 4 x 2, Light Reconnaissance, Humber Mk I, Ironside I". It feature WD pattern divided-rim wheels with 9•25-16 Runflat tyres.

Ironside Mk II

Ironside Mk II