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Humber 1949

Hawk Mk III
Super Snipe Mk II
Pullman Mk II
Imperial - new model

Great Britain

Humber Hawk is completely restyled, along the same lines as Rootes' smaller Hillman Minx, the main difference being the vertical radiator grille. Unlike the Minx, the Hawk retain a separate chassis frame. The new model is designated Mark III and, again like the Hillman Minx, feature IFS, but have the engine of the previous model, in this case the 1944-cc side-valve Four unit (which is also used in certain Rootes Commer and Karrier trucks). Wheelbase is 8 ft 9 ½ in, price £799.
Humber Super Snipe for 1949 (Mark II) was also restyled, but not as dramatically as the Hawk. It is now a full six-seater, with longer wheelbase, steering-column gearshift and other modifications. The engine is basically the same 4086-cc 100-bhp Six as before. The Snipe was discontinued. The Pullman became available in Saloon form, without partition and designated Imperial, and the Super Snipe Saloon was joined by a Touring Limousine variant, both in the autumn of 1949. Super Snipe Drophead Coupé is produced in very small quantity by Tickford. The top is of the three-position type: fully open, half closed and fully closed.



Hawk (4 cyl, 1944 cc, 56 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 8' 9 ½'')

IN PRESENTING the latest Humber Hawk, the Rootes Group offer a pre-view of to-morrow, a car of unusual grace and beauty, styled in the modernn manner and incorporating traditional Humber craftsmanship and distinction.
Designed as an economical, medium-powered car, it is compact and manoeuvrable, yet it provides full six-seater comfort and spaciousnes, combined with outstanding all-round performance.
The attractive modern styling imparts a touch of to-morrow, to-morrow's grace, to-morrow's pace are here to-day. Aerodynamic contours reduce air resistance, resulting in improved performance and economy. Smooth lines make cleaning the car easier and quicker.
The spacious interior ensures full six-seater roominess and comfort. The full width front seat will acommodate three adults with ease, and adjustment for leg room is simple, smooth, and rapid, due to special ball-bearing mechanism. A large centre-folding armrest is a feature of both front and back seats, and side armrests, which also function as door pulls, are fitted to all doors. All seating is contour-correct, deeply upholstered, and of true Humber quality, and all ocupants are situated well within the wheelbase.
Superb riding comfort and stability are provided by a suspension system which smoothes out the roughest roads and combines independent front coil suspension with long semi-elliptic rear springs, torsion bar sway eliminator, and double acting hydraulic shock absorbers front and rear.
The proved Humber Hawk power unit of 1944 c.c. capacity, developing 56 brake horsepower, has achieved a high reputation for reliability and economy, and incorporates latest engineering refinements conducive to smooth, efficient service. A host of modern quality features, listed on the following page and illustrated throughout this catalogue, will indicate the comprehensive nature of the specification of this fine car. The Opticurve windscreen affords a greatly increased angle of vision and eliminates reflection and dazzle by day and night. The Opticurve rear window has similar properties. The luggage locker provides exceptional enclosed accommodation for all needs. Synchromatic finger-tip gear control ensures a delightfully smooth, rapid change, and Lockheed two-leading-shoe hydraulic brakes guarantee a margin of safety under all conditions.
The Humber Hawk will enhance the reputation for fine craftsmanship and precision engineering established by Humber throughout the world.


Super Snipe

(6 cyl, 4086 cc, 100 bhp)

Humber Super Snipe Mk II

Super Snipe Mk II

Humber Super Snipe Convertible by Tickfrod


Pullman and Imperial

(6 cyl, 4086 cc, 100 bhp)
Pullman Limousine (wb: 10' 11'')
Imperial Saloon - new


Imperial Saloon

Imperial Saloon