Classic Car Catalogue

Hupmobile 1938


Six E822 Series (6 cyl., 245.3, 101 h.p.; wb: 122 in.)
  Touring Sedan
  Deluxe Sedan
  Custom Sedan
Eight H Series (8 cyl., 303.2, 120 h.p.; wb: 125 in.)
  Touring Sedan
  Deluxe Touring Sedan
  Custom Touring Sedan



The 1938 Hupmobile is a distinctive car . . . built for those hard-headed investors who want more — much more — individuality and luxury than any mass-production car can give them . . . and yet balk at paying a premium for prestige.
Hupp has never tried to build either the lowest or the highest-priced automobiles . . . has
been content to design for that large group who buy cars for keeps — who want extra
quality without extravagance.
The Hupmobile for 1938 is the most distinctive and most beautiful Hupmobile ever built.
Exterior design is graceful and pleasing . . . modern and smart looking yet in conservative
good taste. Every detail has been carefully considered and from radiator grille to tail lights the clean, flowing lines blend into a true functional beauty.
The harmonizing interiors are roomy and restful. Hupp engineers made comfort their
foremost consideration in designing both forward and rear compartments. Comfort in a
motor car is as much a matter of over-abundant spaciousness as it is of adequate wheelbase and proper balance. Seats are extra wide — cushions extra deep. Upholstery fabrics, either cloth or mohair, are of the finest quality. Entrance and exit are easy, through the unusually wide safety doors which (both front and rear) open against the airstream. Plenty of head room and leg room provide complete comfort for even a varsity oarsman. Control-Air ventilation, both front and rear, is a much appreciated feature.
The driver, regardless of stature, finds everything within easy reach. Controls, from brake
and clutch pedals to the handles that raise and lower the windows, are convenient and
operate positively and with minimum effort. The two-way adjustable front seat will place
even the tiniest woman driver in position to drive safely and confidently. All-directional
vision is a most important Hupmobile safety feature; added to safety-sealed, double-action hydraulic brakes, easy steering and sturdy, all-steel bodies, it makes Hupmobile one of the safest cars built as well as one of the easiest to drive.
Beauty, luxury and distinction are matched by the sparkling performance, all-around
operating economy and amazing reliability which are responsible for the famous Hupmobile reputation: "HUPP HAS ALWAYS BUILT A GOOD CAR."