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Imperia 1949

TA-8 – discontinued


The only Imperia own model TA-9 performed well but suffered some reliability problems and after a few years Imperia had to conclude that it couldn't make a profit with these cars. After about 1000 TA-9 cars in two-door sedan, convertible and convertible two-seater sports had been made production was stopped in 1949. Imperia continue with assembly of Standard-Triumph models and Adler motorcycles amongst other things. A new assembly line was inaugurated on May 9, 1949 which allow a daily output of 15 cars per day which would give about 300 cars per month from 1950 onwards.
At that time, a contract with Volkswagen for the Belgian market was considered, but management declined the offer of patriotism!

Firma kontynuuje dzialalnosc na rynku motoryzacyjnym montujac samochody Standard-Triumph i motocykle Adler.


TA 8


TA 8

TA 8 Sport