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Innocenti 1960

A40 Berlina – November  
A40 Combinata – December  
950 Spyder    


Innocenti A40

Innocenti A40

Initially launched as the 950 Spider in 1960, this is an Austin Healey Sprite with a completely new body designed by Ghia, powered by a 948cc four cylinder engine.
Starting off making steel tubing in the 1920's, Ferdinand Innocenti developed his company to include machinery, presses, tools and the famous Lambretta scooter alongside the ever important tubing. At the 1960 Turin Motorshow Innocenti finally made the move he had long been planning into car production with the launch of the A40, a licence built Austin A40 saloon, and the 950 Spider, a rebodied Austin-Healey Sprite. Initially the A40 was assembled from complete kits, but gradually the local content increased until only the engines were imported.

Innocenti 950