Classic Car Catalogue

Isotta Fraschini 1931


Tipo 8 B – new model





During the 1920's Isotta-Frashini become increasingly involved with aero-engines which they supplied in large numbers for commercial and military use. By 1928 the management clearly favoured this side of the business, and the best engineering talented was diverted away from the cars. Production of the Tipo A declined after 1928, and the Depression hit Isotta particularly badly virtually killing off their valuable American market. For 1931 they brought out the Tipo B which had the same size engine but with numerous improvements. The cylinder block, pistons and connecting rods were of nickel steel, the valve gear was lighter and there were two completely separate exhaust manifolds. The result was an increase in power to 160bhp. Other up-to-date features included coil ignition in place of magneto and a synchromesh gearbox with the option of a Wilson self-changing box. The chassis was considerably strengthened with much deeper side members.
Magnificent though, it was, the Tipo 8B came at quite the wrong time, and only thirty were sold. Manufacture of components ended in 1931.