Classic Car Catalogue

Jaguar 1961

Mark II
Mark IX - discontinued
XK 150 - discontinued
Mark X - London
'E' Type - Geveva

Great Britain

Mark X to następca Mark IX zaprezentowany w pażdzierniku w Londynie nowy model z silnikiem o tej samej pojemności co jego poprzednik, ale mocy aż 265 KM. Rozstaw osi zachowano ten sam - 305 cm, ale długość wzrosła aż do 513 cm.
Jaguar 'E' Type was announced in March 1961, for export only, and introduced on to the UK market in July. Available in two-door two-seater open (detachable hardtop optional) and fixed head Coupé styling, feature sleek, simple body lines embracing faired-in headlamps, a low wide air intake and a louvred bonnet with 'power bulge'. The 3.8-litre engine with triple carburettors give the car superb performance, developing 265 bhp at 5500 rpm and with a top speed of around 150 mph. Developed from the famous 'C' and 'D' type sports/racing cars, the 'E' Type incorporate many features derived from International competition.
The new four-door Mark X model received considerable praise when unveiled at the 1961 Earls Court Show. Lower, longer and wider than the Mk IX, it is powered by the E-type engine. JAGUAR, body style N.A., $N.A., Great Britain
Working in absolute secrecy, with an air-tight security network around the factory, Jaguar has developed a successor to the XK-150. Although there has been a great deal of speculation about the new car (mostly incorrect according to Jaguar), about the only thing that is really known is that it will be announced to the world at the New York Show in April. So cautious is Jaguar that at our presstime absolutely no facts were available about the car. It is possible to be certain of one thing - Jaguar will continue in their tradition of producing a finely-engineered, meticulously-constructed, high-performance sports car which will win praise from grateful owners around the world. Other versions: Information unavailable at presstime.

Motor Trend, April 1961

Mark II

2.4 Litre (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 2483 cc, 120-bhp; wb 8 ft 11 ½ in)
3.4 Litre (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3442 cc, 210-bhp; wb 8 ft 11 ½ in)
3.8 Litre (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3781 cc, 220-bhp; wb 8 ft 11 ½ in)


Mark IX

Mk IX (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3781 cc, 220 bhp; wb: 10' 0'')


XK 150

XK 150 (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3442 cc, 190 bhp; wb: 8' 6'')
XK 150 'blue top' (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3442 cc, 210 bhp; wb: 8' 6'')
XK 150S 'gold top' (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3442 cc, 252 bhp; wb: 8' 6'')
XK 150 (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3781 cc, 220 bhp; wb: 8' 6'')
 Fixed Head Coupé
 Drophead Coupé


"E" Type

E Type (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3781 cc, 265 bhp; wb: 8 ft 0 in)
 Fixed Head Coupé
 Open Two-Seater

The "E" Type at the Geneva Motor Show.


Mark X

Mk X (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 3781 cc, 265 bhp; wb: 10' 0'')