Classic Car Catalogue

Jaguar 1970

XJ 6
420 G - discontinued

Great Britain

2.8: From £2,280 (incl. P.T.)
4.2: £2,b06 (incl. P.T.)
This car is so sought-after that a group of Swiss businessmen recently staged a protest procession in London's Berkeley Square outside British Leyland's headquarters. They had been waiting so long for their XJ6's they wanted the Company to know they were fed-up about it! Such a demonstration gives some idea of the high regard in which this luxury, high-performance car is held-all over the world. The wide-tracked saloon has incredible handling and roadholding, and both the 2.8 and 4.2 are powered by the latest descendants of the famous XK twin o.h.c. engine.
£2,351 (incl. P.T.)
2+2: £2,708 (incl. P.T.)
The world's fastest volume production sports car, and still one of the most desirable, the E-type Jaguar in short wheelbase form is capable of almost 150 m.p.h. Roadholding, handling, and ride quality are in a class of their own for the type of car. The open two-seater and the fixed-head Coupé have an overall length of 14ft. 7½in., but the '2+2' is 15ft. 4½in. long and has a bonus of two inches headroom. The latter is for the owner who must have two extra seats for children - or cramped adults. All three models are powered by the evergreen 4.2-litre 'XK' twin o.h.c. 'six' with 265 horsepower.
London report



2.8 Litre (R6 cyl, 2 ohc, 2792 cc, 140 bhp)
4.2 Litre (R6 cyl, 2 ohc, 4235 cc, 173 bhp)
 Saloon (wb: 9' 1'')


420 G

420 G (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 4235 cc, 255 bhp) - discontinued
  Saloon (wb: 10' 0'')




E-Type 4.2 Litre (6 cyl, 2 ohc, 4235 cc, 265 bhp)
 Fixed Head Coupé (wb: 8' 0'')
 Open Two-Seater (wb: 8' 0'')
 2+2 Fixed Head Coupé (wb: 8' 9'')

E-type 2+2

XK-E 2+2

XK-E Roadster

XK-E Coupé