Classic Car Catalogue

  Jensen 1954

Great Britain

Interceptor Saloon
wb: 9ft. 4½in. R6 cyl, 3993 cc, 130 bhp
541 Coupé wb: 8ft. 9in. R6 cyl, 3993 cc, 130 bhp



W zakładach Jensena powstają też nadwozia sportowej wersji Austina A 40.

Jensen 541, an entirely new car with 4-litre engine which joined the Interceptor-continued with minor improvements-in the autumn of 1953. Apart from the engine/ gearbox unit, the 541 is an entirely new design. The more compact arrangement of the chassis give it a shorter wheelbase and reduced track. This distinctive 'close coupled saloon' feature a sleek, long, rounded body with a wide wrap-round window at the rear which give exceptional visibility for the driver. The wide oval grille is fitted with a pivoted blanking-plate which is merely a radiator shutter, albeit a more attractive and effective one. The 541 did not in fact go into production until late 1954, by which time its steel body had been dropped in favour of a glass-fibre-reinforced plastic version.

Interceptor Two Door Convertible


Interceptor Two Door Saloon