Classic Car Catalogue

  Jensen 1961

Great Britain

541-S Coupé wb: 8 ft. 9 in. R6 cyl, 3993 cc, 135 bhp



Jensen 541 'S' replaced the 541 R which was discontinued in the summer of 1960. This model features numerous changes including increased body width, greater headroom and luggage space, automatic transmission and limited slip differential as standard, air scoop in centre of fluted bonnet, seat belts as standard and an even more luxurious interior. The engine is a 4-litre BMC unit which develops 135 bhp, and the body is fibreglass with the exception of aluminium-panelled doors. Price £3195, or £3096 with the special order manual transmission.





The "S" Series Saloon embodies the many advances made in the field of automotive design over the past few years. The resin bonded fïbrous glass body that now providess such regal passenger accommodation, retains the lithe graceful lines of earlier Jensen models and is mounted on an ultra-robust tubular chassis. Automatic transmission — undeniably the finest available at present — is fitted as standard and can be overridden by use of either the Selector Lever or the " kick down " thus permitting the selection of any particular ratio at will in the same manner as is possible with the conventional gear lever. Also included is the Powr-Lok limited-slip Differential; Dunlop self adjustingg Disc Brakes on all four wheels ; and Rack and Pinion steering. Each of these is essential to a car with the performance of the "S" Series Saloon, and they combine to provide handling characteristics unmatched by any comparable type of car.

In keeping with spacious driver and passenger accommodationn is the luggage compartment far larger than is normally found on a car of this type. Touring luggage for four is easily accommodated. And such items as golf clubs,, trolleys, fishing rods, etc, present no problem. The spare wheel is housedd beneath the floor of the boot and is accessible without the necessity of removing luggage.


Speedometer, Revolution Counter, Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature and Fuel Gauges are housed in a hooded cluster immediately in front of the driver and can be clearly read at a glance. Switches are of the latest toggle pattern, designed and positioned to ensure maximum ease and speed of operation. The facia is covered in a special non-reflecting material and contains a large, deep glove compartment fitted with lockingg lid.