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Kurogane 1935


Type 95

Type 95


Weight : 1 ton
Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.5 x 1.7(h) m
Speed (max) : 70 km/h
Engine : Gasoline Engine 32 PS
Capacity : 3 men
Production Qty : 4,755
Manufacturer : Nihon Nainenki 

In 1935, The Imperial Japanese Army made a request for a four-wheel drive reconnaissance car to be used in military operations in China, Manchuria and Southeast Asia. The Japanese company Tokyu Kurogane Kogyo provided the Kurogane Type 95 with production of over 4,700 examples starting in 1936.
Type 95 is a small 4x4 car with an air-cooled two-cylinder engine which is converted from a motocycle engine. Type 95 was nicknamed as "Daruma".