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Lamborghini 1964

350 GT (V12 cyl, 3464 cm³, 270 cv) - Geneva


Re-designed Lamborghini 350 GT was launched in March at Geneva Motor Show. Production commenced in May. The original, sophisticated racing engine is siplified for every-day road use with 'wet' sump oil pan, lower comprssion ratio 9.4 vs. 11:1, different carburettors and ignition system. The 350 GT has all independent suspension, quad-cam V12, and an aluminium body. Fixed headlights replaced the prototype's pop-up variety, and twin-barrel side-draught Weber 40 DCOE 2 carburettors reduced the height of the engine, thereby negating the clearance problems of the GTV prototype, and giving the car the exceptionally low lines.

350 GT