Classic Car Catalogue

Lamborghini 1969

Islero - discontinued
Miura S


An updated Islero S, was released in 1969. The engine in this model is tuned to 350 brake horsepower. There are some styling changes, including brightwork blind slots on the front fenders, an enlarged hood scoop (which supplies air to the interior of the car, not the engine), slightly flared fenders, tinted windows, round side-marker lights (instead of teardrops on the original), and a fixed section in the door windows. Various other changes includes larger brake discs, revised rear suspension and revamped dashboard and interior. Only 100 examples of the Islero S were built, bringing the production total of the Isleros to 225 cars.



400GT (V12 cyl, 3929 cm³, 325 cv) - discontinued
400GTS (V12 cyl, 3929 cm³, 350 cv) - new model
   Coupé wb: 2550 mm



400GT (V12 cyl, 3929 cm³, 325 cv)
  Coupé wb: 2650 mm



P 400 (V12 cyl, 3929 cm³, 350 cv) - discontinued
P 400S (V12 cyl, 3929 cm³, 370 cv)
   Coupé wb: 2500 mm