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Lancia 1933


Augusta (V4 (180°), 1196 cm³, 35 KM) – new model
Artena (970 ex.)
  serie II (V4, 1925 cm³, 55 KM) - discontinued
  serie III (V4, 1925 cm³, 55 KM) – new model
Astura (600 ex.)
  serie II (V8, 2604 cm³, 72 KM) – discontinued
  serie III (V8, 2972 cm³, 82 KM) – new model
Dilambda (107 ex.)
  serie III (V8 sohc, 3956 cm³, 100KM) 


1246 examples of Asturas series I and II were built.

The production of the series II Artena discontinued in September. 1520 were made. The new series have modified chassis now available in two different lengths: model 228A – 314.1 cm and 228C – 295 cm. The production of the longer version commenced on 6 of September, the shorter is built from 17 of November.

Astura was also replaced by the series III in the autumn. 750 examples of the series II were built. The chassis is now offered in two versions: long wheelbase of 333,2 cm 'Lungo' (Type 233 L) and short 'Corto' (233 C) having 310 cm. The engine opening angle of the "V" has been changed from 19 ° to 17 ° 30' and the capacity was increased from 2606 to 2973 cc. Other important changes include the braking system, which is now equipped with servo Dewandre and increase of the fuel tank capacity (60 to 78 litres).

Introduced last year the third series of Dilambda have 347.5 cm wheel base and more aerodynamic grille. 300 examples of series II were built.





Lancia Augusta


Artena serie II

Artena serie III

Artena serie II berlina by Viotti







Lancia Astura

Astura Castagna








  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
09.04.1933 Mille Miglia 3 3 2 82  Strazza / Gismondi Dilambda 11th 3.0→ 1st
          70  Damiani / Masserini Astura 40th 2.0→3.0 12th
02.07.1933Spa 24 Hours 1 1 0   Rezzaghi / Guerrini   dnf  


  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
21-25.01.1933 Rallye Monte Carlo       72 Stoclet   59th
          86 von Schönburg-Waldenburg   70th