Classic Car Catalogue

Lancia 1935


Augusta (V4, 1196 cm³, 35 KM)
Artena serie III (V4, 1924 cm³, 54 KM) (826 ex.)
Astura (V8, 2972 cm³, 82 KM) (438 ex.)
Dilambda (V8 sohc, 3956 cm³, 100 KM) (89 ex.)


Artena series III is offered with two different lengths: 295 and 314.1 cm wheel base. The shorter model 228C was discontinued in November. 488 examples of this version were made.

Astura series III have also two versions: 333.2 cm and 310 cm wheel base called 233L (lungo) and 233C (corto) respectively.

Production of the Dilambda stopped this year. 1,685 were built since its introduction in 1928.




Augusta / Belna

Lancia Augusta

Augusta Berlina

Augusta Cabriolet

Augusta and Artena 1st series.

Augusta with English March semi-sports body and the engine equipped with supercharger.

Belna Cabriolet Eclipse by Pourtout

Belna Cabriolet by Pourtout







Artena Berlina by Boneschi

Artena serie III Cabriolet by Stabilimenti Farina

Artena Berlina Lungo

Artena Berlina Corto




Benito Mussolini in Lancia Astura.



Lancia Dilambda Sodomka




  Event: Entered: Raced: Finished: Best results:
15-16.06.1935 1000 mil československých 3 2 2 38 Gantoni / Fasser Augusta 1500 ccm 7th 1100→1500 1st
          39 Rechlerové Mario a Freder. Augusta 1196 ccm 17th 1100→1500 3rd