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Lancia 1954


 Appia Berlina (C10) 4-door sedan (1089 cc, 38 bhp; wb: 248 cm) (up to March)
 Appia Berlina (C10) 4-door sedan (1089 cc, 38 bhp; wb: 248 cm) (from March)
 Aurelia B52/53 (1991 cc) - ost.rok
 Aurelia B20 GT 2500 (2451 cc, 118 bhp)
 Aurelia II serie B12 (2266 cc, 87 bhp) – new model
 Aurelia Spider B24 (V6-60o, 2451 cc, 118 bhp) 

Lancia stand at Turin Motor Show.

Kolejna modernizacja Aurelii obejmuje nowy silnik o większej pojemności, tylne zawieszenie De Dion, reflektory, owiewki na oknach itp. Ten sam typ zawieszenia znalazł się też w Coupé B20 GT.
Piękny prototyp B24 Spider został zaprojektowany przez Pinin Farinę.

Lancia introduced the second series et the Aurelia, which incorporates a slightly larger and more powerful version of the 60-degree V-six engine, the bore being increased from 72 to 75 mm and the stroke from 81.5 to 85.5 mm (2,266 c.c.). With a compression ratio of 7.4 to I the output is 87 b.h.p. at 4,300 r.p.m. and the maximum torque 117.5 lb ft at 2,900 r.p.m. Another important change is in the rear axle and suspension layout; the clutch, gear box and final drive unit, with brake drum; and swinging half-shafts, remain unaltered, but a de Dion type axle is now used and carries half-elliptic springs. A Panhard rod and telescopic dampers inclined forwards locate the axle.
The Grand Turismo model has the same rear end layout and the engine remains as formerly at 2,451 c.c., the bore and stroke being 78 x 85.5 mm. With 8 to 1 compresion the output is 118 b.h.p. at 5,000 r.p.m. Detail coachwork alterations include a bolder front wing treatment with traffic and indicator lamps of larger size set below the built-in head lamps, improved rear wings and a larger luggage locker.
The Lancia Appia remains unaltered and is proving to be popular in its class.

(Turin report)




Lancia Appia




Lancia Aurelia 2 serie.


Aurelia Coupé


Lancia Aurelia B20 GT


Aurelia Spider



Lancia Aurelia B24 spider America


2nd 12h Sebring #39 D24 Rubirosa/Valenzano
1st Mille Miglia #602 D24 Ascari
2nd Tourist Trophy #3 D24 Taruffi/Fangio
3rd Tourist Trophy #4 D24 Mazon/Castelotti
1st Targa Florio #76 D24 Taruffi
3rd Targa Florio #80 Aurelia B20 Piodi
1st Giro di Sicilia     Taruffi
F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship entries:
Sebring 12 Hours 07.03.1954 (round 2)   Results:    
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. class    
36 D24 #0005 Fangio / Castellotti Lancia fail. S5.0 -    
37 D24 #0002 Ascari / Villoresi Lancia fail. S5.0 -    
38 D24 #0003 Taruffi / Manzon Lancia dsq S5.0 -    
39 D24 #0001 Rubirosa / Valenzano Lancia 2nd S5.0 1st    
  Mille Miglia 02.05.1954 (round 3) *   Results:    
#   chassis   Entrant: gen. class    
014 Appia   Crotti / Sassi   152nd T1.3 50th    
019 Appia   Spagna / Baiocchi   137th T1.3 43rd    
154 Appia   Agosti / Bertoli   139th T1.3 44th    
415 Aurelia B20   Pozzato / Rossi   39th GT+1.5 14th    
425 Aurelia B20   Gatta / Azzini   16th GT+1.5 4th    
428 Aurelia B20   Petrobelli / Cremonesi   12th GT+1.5 3rd    
430 Aurelia B20   Ribaldi / Basili   17th GT+1.5 5th    
431 Aurelia   Randaccio / Serboli   26th GT+1.5 10th    
433 Aurelia B20   Lubich / Villotti   24th GT+1.5 8th    
437 Aurelia B20   Noya / Cagnana   88th GT+1.5 16th    
440 Aurelia B20   Serafini / Mancini Lancia 7th GT+1.5 1st    
443 Aurelia   Salice / Bonafede   32nd GT+1.5 12th    
444 Aurelia B20   Siena / Bevilacqua   25th GT+1.5 9th    
446 Aurelia B20   Mandolini / Ceruti   31st GT+1.5 11th    
540 D24 #0008 Castellotti Lancia fail. S+2.0 -    
541 D24 #0009 Valenzano Lancia acc. S+2.0 -    
547 D24 #0007 Taruffi Lancia fail. S+2.0 -    
602 D24 #0006 Ascari Lancia 1st S+2.0 1st    
* only finishing cars listed.
Tourist Trophy 11.09.1954 (round 5)   Results:    
#         gen. class    
1 D25 #0004 Ascari / Villoresi Lancia fail. S5.0 -    
2 D25 #0002 Fangio / Castellotti Lancia fail. S5.0 -    
3 D24 #0002 Taruffi / Fangio Lancia 2nd S5.0 1st    
4 D24 #0005 Manzon / Castellotti Lancia 3rd S5.0 2nd    
Other entries: 
  Targa Florio 30.03.1954   Results:
#       Entrant:   category class
44 Aurelia B20   Scaminaci   9th iGT 2nd over 1.3 2nd
46 Aurelia B20   Arezzo   7th GT 1st over 1.3 1st
48 Aurelia B20   Crescimanno   dns -   -  
50 Aurelia B20   Grimaldi   dns -   -  
52 Aurelia B20   Pottino   12th GT 3rd over 1.3 3rd
58 Aurelia B20   Perrella   13th sport 10th 1.1-2.0 4th
66 Aurelia B20   Starrabba   8th sport 7th over 2.0 5th
70 D24   Castellotti   fail. -      
76 D24   Taruffi   1st sport 1st over 2.0 1st
78 Aurelia B20   Manzon   fail. -      
80 Aurelia B20   Piodi   3rd sport 2nd over 2.0 2nd

Lancia D24 at Mille Miglia driven by Alberto Ascari

Alberto Ascari, having transferred his allegiance from Ferrari to Lancia, tests one of the new 3.3-litre sports racing Lancias round the Ospedaletti circuit, near San Remo; he will share the wheel of one of these cars in the 12-hour race at Sebring in Florida next month.
(February '54)


Lancia D24


Targa Florio winner Piero Taruffi in the Lancia D24. 



Rally victories:

1st RMC   Aurelia Chiron/ Basadonna
1st Sestriere   Aurelia Valenzano

Formula 1 Championship entries:

Spanish GP 24.10.1954 Pedralbes (round 9)
#   Engine:   Entrant: Result:
34 D 50 Lancia DS50 2.5 V8 Alberto Ascari Scuderia Lancia fail.
36 D 50 Lancia DS50 2.5 V8 Luigi Villoresi Scuderia Lancia fail.



Lancia D50