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Lancia 1960



Flavia - new model





3a Serie (Tipo 808)    1089 cm³, 48 cv    
Berlina  wb: 2510 mm  

Lancia Appia


October 1959 U.S. advert.

Appia – sports models

Pininfarina Coupé 3a serie    1089 cc, 54/60 hp; wb: 235 cm  
Vignale Convertible 3a serie   1089 cc, 54/60 hp; wb: 235 cm  
Vignale Lusso Berlina   1089 cc, 54/60 hp; wb: 235 cm - discontinued
GTE Zagato Coupé 3a serie   1089 cc, 54/60 hp; wb: 251 cm  
Giardinietta Viotti,
3-door estate-car
  1089 cc,
48 hp;
  - this year only
or up to 1962

  More powerfull engines become available throughout Appia sports range in mid-year.

Lancia Appia


Zagato GTE and Zagato Brothers - Gianni and Elio


Flaminia  V6 cyl., 60°, 2458 cc, 102 hp    
Berlina  wb: 287 cm  


Lancia Flaminia in the USA.


Flaminia – sports models


Flaminia  V6 cyl., 60°, 2458 cc, 119 cv    
Coupé Pininfarina  wb: 275 cm - side indicators
  Coupé GT Touring wb: 252cm - side indicators on the wings
  Cabriolet GT Touring wb: 252cm - Geneva (March)
  Sport Zagato wb: 252cm  


Lancia Flaminia

Flaminia Coupé Pinin Farina

Flaminia GT Touring

Flaminia Convertible Touring

Flaminia Sport Zagato – 99 examples were built.

Flaminia Sport Zagato series II – the new version with round headlights, front indicators recessed and prominent, repeaters on wings, conventional door handles.

Loevy Lancia Flaminia – prototype


335 Flaminia Presidenziale by Pinin Farina

335  V6 cyl., 60°, 2458 cc, 102 cv - 6 ex.  
wb: 335 cm  

  When in 1960 Queen Elizabeth II announced her visit to Italy, President Gronchi commissioned Pininfarina to deliver four stretched Lancia Flaminia limousines to appropriately service the visit (and also renew the dated presidential fleet). The cars were built in a record time of 6 months to a detailed specification, with the assistance of General Motors with regard to various electric extras. They are seven-seater landaulets, painted dark blue, with black Connolly Leather upholstery, Voxon radio and Pirelli tires. This model is officially called 335 (due to its 335 cm wheelbase), and is also referred to as Presidenziale or Quirinale (after Quirinal Palace, the residence of the President of the Italian Republic). Individual cars are called Belsito, Belmonte, Belvedere and Belfiore.

Flaminia 335

Flaminia 335



Flavia  B4 cyl., 1499 ccm 78 cv - new model  
Berlina  wb: 2600 mm  

  Flavia was first announced soon after the opening of the Geneva Motor Show and then presented at the Turin Motor Show. In December the new Lancia was presented to the Prime Minister Hon Amintore Fanfani and – at the circuit of Vallelunga – to the press, for short tests. The car is powered by brand new 1.5 litre four-cylinder full alloy boxer engine with front-wheel drive through innovative double CV joints. The engine, for the first time is mounted to a subframe with elastic inserts to reduce vibration. Braking system is dual hydraulic circuit equipped with discs on all four wheels: technical features that had never before seen in Italy in a production car.

Lancia Flavia



Lancia Flavia





Targa Florio. Appia Zagato (F.Fiorentino and G.Rizzotti).

  Targa Florio entries: (08.05.1960)
# 12 Appia GTZ Fiorentino / Rizzotti San Rizzo -
# 16 Appia GTZ Largaiolli / Zeccoli Eugenio Castellotti -
# 94 Aurelia B20 Donato / Pizzo Balarm fail.
# 98 Aurelia B20 Vannucci / Carfì Etna -
# 102 Aurelia B20 Monaci / Forlaini Partenopea fail.
# 106 Aurelia B24 Mancini / Buondonno   -
# 108 Aurelia B24 Mantia / D'Amico Monte Pellegrino -



Targa Florio. Appia Zagato (Cesare Largaiolli and Teodoro Zeccoli).


Targa Florio. Aurelia B20 (Bartolomeo Donato and Giuseppe Pizzo).