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Lancia 1963


Appia - discontiniued
Fulvia - Geneva (March)

The first Flavia engine of 1500 cc with 78 hp was soon joined by larger unit of 1800 cc, 92 hp. 1.5 was redesigned to give more torque. 1.8 litre in sports models have double carburators.

The new Fulvia was indroduced in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

Lancias, otherwise unchanged apart from the larger engines recently introduced for the Flavia and Flaminia, are shown in new colours including a bright green called Verde Ascot and a rather basic blue that looks less well on the big Flaminias, in particular, than their sober traditional hues. The only real mechanical novelty is found in a new small front-drive commercial vehicle based on the 1.5-litre Flavia. It has disc brakes for all four wheels, each front disc having two callipers fed by independent circuits. Lancia car prices have recently been increased by amounts upwards from about £50 on the Fulvia, which inevitably become accentuated in their export markets. Yet the price of the Fulvia's chief rival, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI saloon, has just been lowered by almost £60.
(Turin show report)



3a Serie (Tipo 808) (1089 cc, 48 bhp) – discontinued

Lancia Appia



Appia – sports models

3a Serie (1089 cc, 60 bhp) – discontinued
 Pininfarina/Viotti Coupé
 Vignale Convertible
 Sport Zagato Coupé – discontinued in January

Appia Convertible Vignale

Appia Coupé Pininfarina

Appia Sport Zagato



 Flavia (B4, 1488 cc, 76 bhp)
 Flavia 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 92 bhp) – new model

Lancia Flavia berlina



Flavia – sports models

 Flavia Coupé Pininfarina
 Flavia Pininfarina Coupé 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 105 bhp) – new model
 Flavia Sport Zagato
 Flavia Sport Zagato 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 105 bhp) – new model
 Flavia Vignale Convertible
 Flavia Vignale Convertible 1.8 (B4, 1800 cc, 105 bhp) – new model

Flavia Cabriolet Vignale

Flavia Coupé Pininfarina

Flavia Sport Zagato



 Flaminia (287cm; V6 60°, 2458 cc, 110 PS) – discontinued (638 ex.)
 Flaminia 2.8 (287cm, V6 60°, 2775 cc, 129 PS)

Flaminia berlina

Flaminia berlina


Flaminia – sports models

 Coupé Pinin Farina 3B (275cm; V6 60°, 2458 cc, 128 PS) – discontinued (948 ex.)
 Coupé Pininfarina 3B 2.8 (275cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 140 PS) – autumn
 Coupé/Cabriolet GT Touring 3C (252cm; V6 60°, 2458 cc, 140 PS) – discontinued (682 ex. Coupé, 247 ex. Convertible)
 GTL 2+2 Touring (260cm; V6 60°, 2458 cc, 140 PS) – discontinued (only 3 made)
 Coupé/Cabriolet GT Touring 3C 2.8 (252cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 150 PS) – autumn
 GTL 2+2 Touring 2.8 (260cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 150 PS) - autumn
 Sport 3C Zagato (252cm; V6 60°, 2458 cc, 140 PS) – discontinued
 Sport 3C 2.8 Zagato (252cm; V6 60°, 2775 cc, 150 PS) – autumn

Lancia Flaminia Coupé Pininfarina

Flaminia Coupé

Lancia Flaminia GT Coupé Touring

Flaminia Convertibile at Turin Motor Show.

Lancia Flaminia GT Convertibile Touring

Flaminia 3C Sport Zagato




Fulvia V4 cyl., 12°53'28", 1091 cc, 58 bhp – new model (March)
 Berlina wb: 2480 mm


The new Fulvia was indroduced in March at the Geneva Motor Show. The new saloon was designed by Antonio Fessia, to replace the Lancia Appia with which it share almost no components. The Appia was a rear wheel drive, while the Fulvia moved to front wheel drive like the Flavia. The general engineering design of the Fulvia is identical to that of the Flavia with the major exception of the engine, the Flavia having a four cylinder horizontally opposed engine and the Fulvia a 'Narrow Angle' vee configuration as featured on most production Lancias from the Lambda. The Fulvia used a longitudinal engine mounted in front of its transaxle tilted to the left by 45 degrees. An independent suspension in front use wishbones and a single leaf spring, while a solid axle with a panhard rod and leaf springs is used in back. Four wheel Dunlop disc brakes are fitted.

Lancia Fulvia




  Targa Florio entries: (05.05.1963)
# 82 Flaminia Sport Zagato Bagnasacco / Bagnasacco HF dns
# 84 Flaminia Sport Zagato Bondon   dns
# 86 Flaminia Sport Zagato Cabella / Massoni HF 22nd
# 88 Aurelia B24 De Tommasi / De Leo Aspromonte 28th
# 90 Flaminia Sport Zagato Samonà   dns
# 92 Flaminia Sport Zagato Donato / Mascari Pegaso 18th
# 94 Flaminia Sport Zagato Cella / Patria HF 11th
# 96 Aurelia B20 Milio / Rizzo Peloritana dns
# 98 Flaminia Sport Zagato Arutunoff / Pryor   26th

Flaminia Sport Zagato at Targa Florio. Luigi Cabella and Luciano Massoni finished 22nd but were 3rd in 2001-2500 cc class.

Entered in Targa Florio by scuderia HF, Flaminia Sport Zagato with Leo Cella - Franco Patria won 2001-2500 cc class.

Flaminia Sport Zagato. Bartolomeo Donato and Vittorio Mascari were 2nd in 2001-2500 cc class at Targa Florio.



Zwycięstwo (Patria) w Rajdzie San Remo (Flavia).